Glad To Know I Have a Positive Presence

It’s been kind of interesting at work lately.  Weird things going on that are pissing people off, mostly the supervisors are peeved.  I see why they are shocked and pissed, at the same time I know the corporate game too.  It’s too long to get into.  It’s basically people getting told what shifts they now have to work, their breaks, they are out of dress code… plus more things that are sort of messed up coming down from management.  But anyway… 
This week I’ve been tucked away in training class and when I pop out on breaks, two of the supervisors when they see me tell me they miss me and how crappy it’s been.  Then today after class I was at my desk and the boss man came by and sat in my spacious cubicle.  He said yesterday was a tough day dealing with some unpleasant things and he missed me.  A few min later he said something funny and I gave my usual loud laugh.  He said, “See… just hearing that laugh puts me in a good mood.  I miss you being around on the floor.  You keep me in a good mood.”
Well shucks. 

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