So…… I got really behind in my finances last payday (two weeks ago).  I was trying to play catch up from being in poverty and did double payments on some bills because I was about a cycle behind on everything.  I should not have done that and should have only did that with ONE bill and just paid the bare minimum for the rest.  I should have known, it’s going to take a good six months to get some actual money coming in and get caught up.  Anyway, bad judgment on my part.  I ended up having to push my mortgage out till the following pay day.  I called the bank and let them know and they said no problem.  Basically I had NO money for the last two weeks.
So…. I had to wait for dear life for this pay day – today.  This morning I go into my online banking because I have direct deposit.  NO PAYCHECK DEPOSIT.  I’m blown away.  Not only that but I’m MINUS $1.97 in my account.  Great.
I go to work and go on our employee pay website to look for my online paystub.  NO PAYSTUB.  I DIDN’T GET PAID!
I leave the other trainer alone with the training class and go to HR and tell her.  Her eyes got big.  She told me to call the pay hotline and she would investigate on her end.  I call and they said I had no time sheet entered for the pay period.  I tell them, “That’s because I am no longer hourly.  I got a promotion and now on salary.  It should be 80 hours on my new Trainer salary.”  The guy told me, “Oh well then that means the salary hasn’t been approved yet and you’ll have to talk to your manager or HR representative.” 
I march back into the HR lady’s office and tell her and she said, “Yeah, I just figured that out right before you walked in here.”  I gave a really upset “WTF” look.  She told me that they would have a paycheck overnighted to my house first thing in the morning.  I asked if it was going to be for 80 hours and she said yes.  I asked if it was my new salary rate and she said no.  WHAT THE FUCK?????????????????????????  I asked her why and she said that my promotion trainer salary still hasn’t been approved yet.  Again I say, WHAT THE FUCK????  How many weeks have I been a trainer now???  Really????  I asked her who was supposed to approve this shit, the VP?  She said the VP and the director.  I started to get visibly upset.  I told this HR woman I have been unemployed for two years, I’m UNMARRIED, in poverty and now I’m going to have all kinds of overdraft fees and those fees are $35 a pop!  For EVERY transaction.  If I buy a .40 pack of gum today, I will get charged $35 for that and so on.  I asked her if I get retro pay for the trainer salary and she said yes but didn’t know when I would get that.
OH MY FUCKING GOD. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?  I have to pay my mortgage tomorrow and with getting the shit pay tomorrow, I won’t have but maybe $200 to live on for two weeks – not to mention I was suppose to make my first car payment and pay my internet/phone bill.  Forget eating and gas in the car too right?  Not to mention all the god dammed service fees.  I wanted to catch the new Robin Hood movie that got released tonight after waiting but fuck me, can’t go.  Fuck my life right?  Ahh no big deal to the VP right?????????  As the pending approval for my LIFE sat in his inbox for a good few weeks.
When I became a supervisor years ago there was two major rules I learned in managing people right away.  #1 DON’T FUCK WITH PEOPLE’S MONEY and #2 DON’T FUCK WITH THEIR TIME OFF.  End of story.  I would bet in a fast heartbeat that if I would have done this to one of my trainees and fucked up their pay and them not getting a check on pay day, I’d be fired.
So not only did they screw me out the job to begin with, then the promotion salary by 25k now this.
My co-worker said it’s against the law in Arizona to do crap like this.  I have no idea but I’m going to look it up.  If this company does not pay my overdraft fees IN FULL, I am going to be one pissed off mother fucker and I will go up the chain till I get it.
My apologies to my readers for all the cussing and caps but I have really, really, REALLY had it with corporations fucking with my life.
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that as soon as I left the HR lady’s office I instantly got hives on my fingers and started itching like crazy.  A lovely new anxiety popped out and showed itself.  It’s 8pm and they are still on my fingers.  How wonderful.


  1. Tracy Says:

    So sorry you have to pay for the sloppy work ethics of some people at your company. As much as that sucks, it still beats the hell out of life at Wally World, I hope at least.

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    This is so unbelieveable to me Tracy. 3 years ago if this mistake would have happened, it wouldn’t be a big deal to me because I would have had enough money in the bank to cover for everything and could afford a mistake like this. But today…… NO. After everything that has even put me in this position, no way. This is impacting my life. This is one mistake that employers should NEVER be making. EVER. Messing with people’s pay is the one rule they should never fuck up on.

  3. cindy Says:

    OMGosh girl!

    You should also check into if they are supposed to pay for any fees since you were expecting it in your account…happened one place I worked – before I trusted the automatic deposits…other people were in a bind because it was the first of the month. I think they did pay for overdraft fees.

    “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.” Thomas Jefferson

    The fees they charge are outrageous!

    I’m sorry I have not been keeping up with you. PLEASE let me paypal some $ in to your account.

  4. Martini Girl Says:

    I think I’ll be ok Cindy. My mom and dad loaned me some money. That is sooooooooooooo nice of you though!

    Maybe at this point you and Dennis should just convert your basement and adopt me! ha.

  5. cindy Says:

    That’s been offered…you just worry too much about driving in the snow… 🙂

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