Nancy Drew – The Case of the Creepy Footprints

I got bumble bees again.  *sigh* they keep re-invading my sprinkler box every spring.  You just can’t make them stop because of the scent, they are drawn to it once bees have been there.
So, I went and got some poison – this time I got some sort of powder poison and just sprinkle it around the hole they are entering and leaving from.  It worked.  The next day no bees were around.  I sprinkled the entire sprinkler box on the ground with the white powder.  I went for over kill so that it would keep all bees from coming back this season, it doesn’t rain so the powder will last.
The other morning I was leaving out my front door and I noticed white foot prints on the pathway that went across in the direction of cutting across my yard.  Uhhhh…. why would someone step on my powdered covered sprinkler box way in the corner between two walls?  The sprinkler box is in front of my dining room windows.  The footprints are big man boot soles.  Could someone have stepped on this on accident as they were trying to look through my blinds?  I have no idea.  But that creeps me out.
I would think maybe someone was stealing water and used my water hose, but the hose was undisturbed.
So you see where it’s located way in the corner.  You can see the white footprints on the walkway, but you probably can’t see them in this picture like I can.

6 Responses to “Nancy Drew – The Case of the Creepy Footprints”

  1. Tracy Says:

    Um, yeah, that accidental powder on the ground did you an expected favor…keep an eye on that situation!

  2. Tracy Says:

    I meant UNexpected favor!

  3. Martini Girl Says:

    I know what you mean Tracy. Once in a while I do not like living alone. Not often but when things like this come up or when I’m awakened by a noise at night.

  4. cindy Says:

    Weaponize yourself, girl! And of course practice. Hubster got me a nine mil for valentines day this year. Best Present Ever! And I’m actually a pretty good shot.

  5. Martini Girl Says:

    I’d like to Cindy but boom sticks are pretty darn expensive. One of these days I’ll have to get one though and then have my dad give me lessons. He was a certified instructor when they lived in Texas. I’ve shot his a few times at the range. Pretty cool.

    What’s weird about the sprinkler box is I came home from work the other day and noticed now it was tampered with. Someone took the lid off and didn’t put it back on correctly. Not sure what is going on and why someone seems facinated with my sprinkler box.

  6. cindy Says:

    Can you get a lock for the box? People are weird but I don’t trust them. Ours is in the garage…

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