Reading Eclipse

Finally picked up the third book in the series of Twilight, Eclipse.  Since the movie is coming out soon I figured I needed to get going.  So far I’m liking it.  I like the books much better than the movies.  I think the movies are pretty lame in comparison.  It seems to me that if you haven’t read the books the movies won’t make that much sense and they seem boring.  Plus I think all the acting is pretty bad in them.
I don’t think I’m going to give a blow by blow review like I usually do because I’m feeling lazy.  I am on the part where Jacob and Edward are talking about lifting the boundaries of each other so that they can track some vampire they don’t know who is in town and on Bella’s scent.  So I’m in a good and interesting part! 
I have to laugh at the pissing contest going on between Jacob and Edward over Bella.  I laughed when Edward intentionally breathed in Bella’s hair when he hugged her good-bye because he knew Jake was coming over and would smell it with his wolf senses.  I love how Edward laughed his ass off as he was leaving after he did it and she was clueless.  Or the part when Edward dropped her off at the border where Jake grabbed her and hugged her all affectionate, knowing it was pissing Edward off as he pulled away to drive back.  These things always make me think of that Sex and the City Episode when one of the ladies asked why men fight with each other and Samantha says, “It’s all that testosterone.  God bless it!”
Graduation is coming soon and so I wonder if Bella is going to become a blood sucker in this book yet or not.  I’m guessing the author is going to be a little shit and leave it a cliff hanger at the very end.  Having Bella get bitten and then that’s the end and you’ll have to read the next book.  Though I did like that she did that with the last book by having Edward propose to Bella at the very end.  I wasn’t expecting that.

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