Gimmie Some Shave Ice Bra

One of my friends from when I knew in Hawaii was saying on her Fake FaceBook how she was missing shave ice in Hawaii.  I do miss that as well.  These are pretty big over there – lots of little Hawaii Shave Ice stands around. 
My boyfriend, our friends and I always used to get one after a day at the beach at the famous North Shore.  Totally cute beachy town (Haleiwa) by that BEAUTIFUL beach.  I loved getting the rainbow color/flavored one and you could even get them with ice cream at the bottom of the paper cone.  They were always huge and they served them with a scooper and a straw.  They always hit the spot after spending all day on the North Shore beach.
I know you are tempted to correct me in saying it should be “shaved” ice.  For some reason, in Hawaii it’s shave ice.  They make no sense over there.  They have a sign when you are coming to the end of the freeway that reads “End Freeway” and I always thought it should have read “Freeway Ends.” 
I miss Hawaii shave ice!!!  I miss Hawaii.  I SERIOUSLY miss Hawaii.

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