My First Unpleasant Russell Experience

I went and saw Robin Hood the other night.  Even though I love Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchet and Ridley Scott… the movie was boring.  Russell looked good but the movie dragged and was quite honestly dull.  It was forgettable.
On top of that the movie theatre was a friggin igloo!!!!  Dude seriously?  Must you have it below zero in a near empty theatre.  And I’m fat too!  So you know it was cold.  AND I was even wearing a blazer!
On top of that this really young couple (they looked 19) came in late and plopped down in the row in front of me and one of them stank.  I mean REALLY stank of nasty body funk.  I’m pretty sure it was the dude.  Memo to those of you who don’t shower and can’t smell yourself and think that others can’t either, we CAN.  Take a shower!  Use hot soapy water.  I got up and moved two rows back and I could still smell that fucker every time the igloo machine kicked on.

One Response to “My First Unpleasant Russell Experience”

  1. cindy Says:

    what is up with people sitting in front of you in a nearly empty theater? That really annoys

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