Kicked to the Curb

So I told you a little bit about CEO dude here and here.  Well…. the day after he got back from Vegas he called me that Monday and set a date with me for that Friday.  Cool.  He tells me he’ll call me during the week to discuss the time and where we’ll meet and all that.  He called me that Thursday evening wanting to re-schedule our date.
Yeah.  I wasn’t digging this already.  He said the Comicon convention was in town and there were some Hollywood people there (he has famous people do voices for his games) and they were “pretty much telling him he had to be there”  or expecting him to be there or something along those lines and so he was going to that on Friday.  He asked to reschedule for Wed.  I reluctantly agreed.  This bugged me.  It really bugged me.  This thing was here all freaking weekend.  He couldn’t go Sat or Sun?  Or even Friday during the day since he friggin works from home?  And why couldn’t he reschedule me for that weekend?  Why Wed?  Yep, I was pretty peeved.  You re-schedule a first date?  Not cool.
I almost called him back and told him to forget the whole thing… but…. as usual I go against my better judgment and “forgive” and give “2nd chances.” 
So then on Tuesday (this last one) it’s 8:45pm, the night before our re-scheduled date.  Interesting.  It occurs to me he hasn’t called me to confirm anything.  It’s a bit unusual because normally he does call me every few days.  So I’m annoyed.  But I call him.  He says he’s on a long distance business call and can he call me back in 10 min.  Sure.  Almost 10 min to the button he calls back.  I don’t answer the phone.  He leaves a message and I don’t bother calling him back.  Screw off.
The next evening (our supposed date night) he calls me at 7pm.  I ask him, “so I guess this means we are not having the date tonight?”  I said this sarcastically.  He said “no” since it was so late.  So then he says, “What about tomorrow night?”
At this point I tell him, “You know, I don’t think so.  I think maybe we need to move on.”  Silence on the other end of the phone.  So I continue.  “You cancel our first date to go to a convention.  You say it was famous people expecting you to go but I don’t understand why you couldn’t have just said that you had a prior engagement that you cannot break.  You could have been there the other days.”  He then tells me, “Well you really can’t say no to famous people in the business like that.”  I said, “Sure you can.  You just do it.  You didn’t make a good impression with me with this.”  He then started apologizing up and down, saying that this was out of his character and normally he wouldn’t have done that… blah, blah, blah.  Yes, he did sound sincere. 
Then I said, “Then you forget our re-scheduled date by not even calling me to confirm time, place to meet, etc.”  Then he quickly says “Well I called you back last night and you didn’t answer or call me back”  I told him, “Yes well let me ask you, when exactly were you going to call me and firm up plans before  I called you at 8:45pm the night before our date?  If I hadn’t called, when were you going to call?”  He started to stammer a bit and then started apologizing again saying he doesn’t do things like this really.  That he has just been really busy trying to close some things on his new game release, etc.  He seemed very disappointed in his voice and saying things like how we got along well on the phone and such.  I could tell I shocked his ass with me telling him it’s over.  He realized he fucked up.  Maybe he’s not used to women calling him out on shit.  Lots of women don’t but I’m different.  The older I get the more I don’t play.  I’m not a door mat and going to be all ooey gooey like some desperate 27 year old chick who’s willing to be all forgiving to be treated that way. 
It tells me you are not serious.  Look, I know men’s careers are important but that was bullshit in my eyes. 
I could tell he was completely shocked and disappointed.  Tough.  You blew it.  I don’t give a shit how much money you have. 

One Response to “Kicked to the Curb”

  1. Tracy Says:

    Yep, totally the right call. People can make fun of Dr. Phil all they want, but I credit him for giving us the insightful phrase, “you teach people how to treat you.” To let Mr. CEO get away with the disrespectful run-around sends the message that you find that behavior acceptable.

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