The Controversial Art

I really love the song Alejandro by Lady Gaga.  It’s probably one of my favorite songs on her CD.  Now it’s a released single and I was curious to see what kind of video she would make for this one.  I was hoping for seeing her soft side and possibly a romantic summer type video on the beach. 
Ahhh but no. 
We get her controversial arty type of video showing off her amazing body again in true Gaga form.  She’s definitely the Madonna of today with pushing the envelope.  I’m guessing video channels on TV will only show this one at 2am.
You definitely see a bit of her copying Madonna in her videos and live performances.  The sex, the religious symbols, the sexual orientation suggestions and strange bras – this one has guns coming out of her boobies.
Her videos do capture my interest, no matter how strange they are.  They seem so “arty” – that’s the only word I can think of to describe them.  I can only imagine how frigging expensive these are to make.  This video seems to be a longer version of the song that is on the CD.  I like that too. 



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