Why Must You Men Bore Me?

Conversation usually works when there are two people in it.  *sigh*  Met this guy online through one of my dating sites.  We’ve only done email and chatted on IM.  He’s originally from Utah but just moved here after living in Vegas for six years.  I’ll call him Vegas dude.  He’s decent looking, divorced, no kids, working, seems very nice – a gentleman and leans conservative.
But for some reason he only talks about himself.  What is it with men who do this?  Don’t you want to know anything about me?  Are you just too nervous or something?  I don’t know but during our 2nd chat I was really bored.  At one point he even said, “Wow, I’m rambling.  I should be getting to know more about you.  I don’t want to blow my chances of dating you.”  Yeah duh. 
But then two sentences later he just reverts back to him.  Anytime I mention something about me, he answers by not acknowledging my response or asking more questions about it but rather putting the focus back on him with how my answer relates to him.  Kind of like when you say something like “I’ve always wanted to go to New York.” and then he says, “Yeah I had the opportunity to go there and blah, blah, blah, blah”  Every single time.  *sighs heavily*
At one point I gave him my phone number and asked him to call me.  He got all funny about it and said he likes to take things slow.  That he wanted to IM a few times first and then call.   *sighs again*  That bugs me.  Even though I respect the taking it slow thing, it bugs me.  I’m 40 and really don’t like fucking around.  Plus I get tired of sitting in front of the computer.
So tonight after bored out of my mind I finally said I needed to go and really tired of being in front of the computer.  I told him I was sorry if I was abrupt but this is why I like talking on the phone better.  He said that was fine and that he would call me tomorrow.  I told him I was going out tomorrow but I’d probably still get in early. 
We’ll see.  Sounds like another dead end to me at this point.  Men too chicken to call me are usually the flaky types.  Stop wasting my time assholes.

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