MEOW Mixer and a Side Dish

I went to the MEOW (Men Enjoying Older Women) meet up at the Blue Martini and I had a good time.  I really liked the Blue Martini – great atmosphere.  The people in the place seemed to be more professional and seemed like a good mixed crowd of 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s.  They did have a cover band come out a little later and sing all 80’s songs which of course I loved.  What was nice is that it wasn’t blaring loud either so you could still have decent conversation in the place without yelling or struggling to hear people.  Wasn’t too crowded either.
I met a few of the men though there were more women than men at the event.  We had a closed off area for our group.  I did meet a few ladies who came together and we exchanged numbers so that was cool too.
Some of the men dropped me a few emails afterwards and one said he wished he had come earlier to talk with me more because I seemed really cool and didn’t get enough time talking with me.
One guy emailed me before the event.  He wrote to say that he saw I RSVP’d and that he wasn’t going to be at the event but was interested in my profile and interested in meeting me.  I said sure!  He is a cutie and he wrote me a very nice email.  He cared enough to take the time.  I like that of course.  Well we had exchanged an email or two and tonight he gave me a call.  We talked on the phone for I don’t know how many hours but it was a great conversation.  He is a Vet Tech, owns his own home, never married, no kids, pretty active, competes in shooting competitions, conservative, has manners, intelligent, easy to talk to and funny.  And did I mention cute?  And dare I say it, actually sounds just down right NICE & NORMAL.
At one point I asked him what about my profile that caught his attention enough to email me.  He said that my profile was different than most women.  I asked how.  He said he liked what I wrote.  That it seemed sincere and honest (which it is) and that most others seem to say the same boring fluff like they are just on this for fun, blah, blah, blah.  He also said I had a variety of photos and that gave him a good idea of what I look like – other women only have one or two.  He also said that me never being married and no kids stood out too.
At the end of the conversation he didn’t waste any time and asked me out.  I told him I’d like that.  We are shooting for Tuesday.  He said, “Now, to think of where we can go…. hmmm…”   I told him that I would let him think about that and then he can surprise me.  He seemed to like that.  So I’ll here from him in the next day or two on where we are going.
So…. hopefully this side dish will follow through and not waste my time.  Not that I’m banking on anything becoming serious here, but still, I don’t want to be jerked around.  I’m single and I deserve to not only have fun, but to be treated well too.
I will say that the men I have just recently met from this meetup group are much, much, MUCH better than the shit I’m running into on the online dating sites.  They seem more professional, more together and have MANNERS.  This is the type of people I need to be meeting.  I definitely plan on joining more meetup groups.  Need to take the time to look through the oodles and oodles of them and pick out which ones I’d be interested in.

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