Random Martini Life

I’m wanting to blog but too lazy to write out complete posts on everything.  So here’s a group of snippets.
Lots of people seem to love summer.  For most people it’s their favorite season.  Not mine and lately the damn sun is messing with my internal clock.  The sun and bright light is up and adam at 5:30 am.  It makes me think I’m oversleeping.  Then it doesn’t get dark till late.  That messes with me too.  I’m like “It’s freaking 8pm already????”  I don’t like long sunny days.  Especially when I live in hell during the summer.
 Had a date last night.  Wasn’t bad.  He took me to mini golf and then a drink which was more original than the old dinner standby.  He was a gentleman throughout the entire evening.  He’s cute.  Not sure I how feel about him.  No lightening striking or anything but it wasn’t a bad date either.  I really don’t see myself with a 28 year old, or at least this one.  But… like I said and to his credit, he was a gentleman and very nice.

People email me on Facebook.  I’m too fucking lazy to respond.  Facebook still doesn’t light my fire at all.  I don’t log on to it hardly at all and I get annoyed when I get an email from Facebook.  Because then in order to respond to them I have to go to Facebook, log in, pull up their email in there and then respond.  Blah!  Just email me directly already.  For some evil reason I want something else to come out and make Facebook fall flat on it’s ass like MySpace did.  Twitter still rocks.
Do you ever do this?  I’m such a movie person.  I’m always not only quoting lines from movies, but I think about or use lines that stand out to me on a regular basis when ever certain words or situations come up.  For example, in the movie Do the Right Thing, there is a scene where Radio Raheim is trying to buy some D sized batteries in the Korean owned convenient store.  There is a bit of a language barrier and he has to repeat himself.  He starts to say, “Not C, D.  D mother fucker, D!”  So anytime the letter D comes up in situations in my life – I’ll say or think, “D mother fucker D!!!”  When does D come up in life you may ask?  You’d seriously be surprised.  Or anytime I’m freezing I yell, “Send the heat up!” from the movie Beaches where she bangs on the radiator.  Yes even alone in my house, I actually yell it out loud as I turn the heat up.  But anyway, ever do that with movie lines or is it just my weird ass who does?  I do this ALL the time.  In my training class a few weeks ago, I had to say the word “clear” for something I was showing them all on their computers.  Then I said it twice, “Clear…CLEAR!”  I was imitating the lady doing that in the movie the Abyss.  One of my students got it and right after I said it he imitated using the heart zapper – sound effects, hand movements and all. 
Finished the 3rd Twilight book – Eclipse.  I loved it.  There was one chapter I really loved.  It was when Edward and Bella got some quality time together and she was trying to get laid but he refused and kept her pure.  haha!  It was actually a quite romantic chapter how he proposed to her properly.  How he gave her things.  I’m too lazy to point out all the specifics but the girly girl came out in me when reading it.  At the very end you got to read a chapter from Jacobs point of view.  It made me sad.  Sad because of how he felt not being the one Bella chose.  It was a bit heartbreaking and I could relate to it.
I miss my buddy Barb.  *sigh*
My Farmers Insurance agent really annoys me.  He’s such a friggin weirdo and I hate when I have to call him for something.  He’ll keep me on the phone and go on and on about his weird ass philosophies and shit.  It’s totally gay.  I want punch him.  Just like Tom Cruise, he’s gets weirder and weirder as time goes on and creeps me out.
I can’t find my Sigma eye shadow blender brush – the staple in all my makeup brushes and it’s driving me INSANE.
Basic Instinct is on HBO late at night yet again.  I love it and can never get bored watching this flick.  I love it when she is teasing him on the dance floor and then he grabs her ass good and hard.  Nice.



3 Responses to “Random Martini Life”

  1. Tracy Says:

    I LOVED summer as a kid/teenager, but I was completely over it by the time I was 30. About the only thing that gets me through the uncomfortable temperatures and obnoxious thunderstorms of summertime is my adoration for “Big Brother.” I sincerely hope that show never ends or I could be in trouble.

    And yes, I think and react and speak using lines from movie & TV shows on a daily basis!! I can’t recall a single time that my sister and I have hung out since the 90’s when one of us didn’t quote Seinfeld. It’s a fun way to go through life in my opinion 🙂

  2. Barbi Says:

    I miss you tooooo…..

    I dont have your brush… i only had the lipstick….. haha

  3. Martini Girl Says:

    Tracy, I’ll take those thunderstorms off your hands! We need them.

    Barb, I ended up finding it! And the shy girl lipstick…. I accidently left it in the car. The wrong move in Phoenix. Dammit. Shy Girl is cursed! I’ll have to get another one.

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