Show Me Your Melons Baby

Been craving watermelon for the last few days.  Kind of odd.  I like watermelon but I don’t think I have ever “craved” it before.  My guess is that maybe I’m lacking some sort of vitamin or not drinking enough water.  Sounds pretty spot on actually because I have felt really sluggish and this fruit has the energy vitamins.  Plus my feet have been swelling and I am noticing chapped lips which is a sign of dehydration.
Out of curiosity I Googled the question.  One of the links I click on is the Yahoo answers just for kicks – now all of you know, there are no “real” answers on this website but rather regular Joe blows leaving their 2 cents.  Some chick said she was craving watermelon all the time and eating much of it and of course wondering why.  As I scroll through the answers I see one that made me chuckle that read:
“you have an obsessive personality and should see someone about this”
But the one right under that one made me burst out in hearty laughter.
“Are you dating a black guy?”
That seriously made me laugh my freaking ass off.
Anyway… I finally bought one this evening.  One of those mini seedless ones.  I had some tonight and oh yeah baby…. it was so sweet, juicy and very tasty.  It was more satisfying than sex.  Well… almost.

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