The Jungle Room

I decided to update my passion pit – AKA master bedroom.  Because I’m barely getting on my feet again, it will be a slow process and I’ll have to only buy two things at a time per month.  More expensive items like new mattresses will take longer of course.
I’m in need of some change and all my re-decorating had been on hold for the last three years.  So now I’m going to go for it a little at a time.
The hard part was trying to pick out a theme and/or colors.  I went back and forth on a lot of things but I kept coming back to a sort of “safari” type theme complete with animal print.  Yep.  Funny, whenever I looked at animal printed sheets and bedding in my 20’s, I used to chuckle and think that people who bought that stuff were those single types whose philosophy was, “Man… I’m never getting married.”  Now here I am still single in my 40’s and looking at animal print bedding!  Har.
Eventually I’d like to paint the walls in there a nice taupe color with maybe one wall a nice jungle green color.  I’ll get rid of that cheesy, cheap ceiling fan I currently have and get one of those nice safari type fans in it’s place.  Some new art on the walls, some new curtains, pretty throw pillows and even painting my makeup vanity to match everything.
So above is a picture of the bed-in-a-bag I’m ordering.  Yeah, it’s a little wild I know.  It will look pretty nice with the green wall behind it and all the other things I’m going to do in there to break up the pattern though.  Tasteful yet bold.  Like me.  Elvis would be so proud.  haha

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