The Sayings Singles Girls Hate

This article grabbed my attention for sure. What are the sayings and questions that single women really get sick of.  I have definitely experienced these and they get very tiresome.  Some of them have really gotten on my nerves lately, like for example number 3….
3. So, why are you single?
“I generally dislike this question. I mean honestly, if I knew why, I don’t think I would be single right now, now would I?!” —Erica
I hear that one but I hear it put this way, “You are such a catch, why are you not married?” That one especially in the last few years.  I get really sick and tired of that one.  What floors me is that a lot of MEN ask me that one.  The answer is I DON’T FUCKING KNOW OK?  Do you want to anti up and marry me then?  Otherwise shut the hell up.
It goes hand in hand with this one which I have the same answer to…
17. But you’re so pretty! Why don’t you have a boyfriend?
“There’s just no graceful way to answer that.” —earnesteats, via Twitter

I agree with this person who commented on this one in saying that number 1 is basically BULLSHIT.

1. It happens when you’re not looking.
“This is just bull. Some people find people when they’re looking; some don’t. You’re not doing anything wrong by going out and meeting people.” —Beth

Then there is this one and I enjoyed reading the response a great deal.  AMEN.  Yes please go for it since you have that choice!
13. Wow, I wish I were single and in your shoes!
“Really?! I’m pretty sure you CAN be single if you actually want to be. That there is an attainable dream, so if you aren’t messing with me right now out of pity (which I suspect you are), please go for it!” —Kim
The response to this one cracked me up, especially the last line…

19. Sure, my guy rescues kids from abusive homes, donated my sister a kidney, and picks up fresh flowers for me daily on his way home from work, but will he QUIT IT with the sports on TV already?
“Single people just hate to be complained to about petty relationship stuff. If you do this, I’m not going to want to hang out with you. (In fact, maybe I’ll call your boyfriend and ask him if he wants to grab a beer and watch the Yankees game?)” —Kim


4 Responses to “The Sayings Singles Girls Hate”

  1. Lincoln Adams Says:

    *scribbles down notes*

    Not that it’ll do me any good. 😛

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    I’m sure you get your share of irritating comments from people being single too Linc.

  3. Lincoln Adams Says:

    Holy crap yes, it’s made me near homicidal. Only cupcakes calm me down these days. 😀

  4. Liz Says:

    Amen girl. I can relate to this too.

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