Summer Loving, Had Me A Blast…

Summer has been officially here for like what 9 days?  I’m already done with it.  Too farking hot out.  I think it’s what is making me so tired lately, just dealing with the heat.  Yes, I’m a big Phoenix, AZ cry baby.  I’ve lived here for like 18 years now and you’d think I’d be used to it.  Well you just don’t get used to it.  I mean if you waterboard a terrorist for 18 years, do you think they get used to it?
Someone at work asked me what I was doing for the July 4th weekend and I said, sleeping.  I need the rest.  I feel exhausted these days.  I don’t know how people here go out in droves on July 4th to these fireworks shows.  It’s just too hot here.  Over the years I’ve gone to some of the events here in the valley and I’ve never ever liked them.  I’m always remembering my sweaty, swamp ass instead of the fireworks.  It’s always been too hot – yes even at night.  Where else can you go in the world and have triple degree heat at 9pm??  Phoenix.
I think of a line from the movie Phoenix starring Ray Liotta – one cop is walking away and another cop asks….
Cop 1:  Where are you going?
Cop 2:  Outside for some air.
Cop 1:  This is Phoenix.  There is no fucking air!
It was 107 today and only going to get hotter.  Mother of God.
So yeah, I don’t go out on July 4th unless you have a pool.  Speaking of pools, I always forget I have one at the end of my block and I never use it.  It’s part of why I’m paying a Home Owners Association fee.  The only thing is, you chance someone already in there and I don’t think I’d like sharing with people leering at me or loitering teeny boppers.  Still… maybe I’ll check it out this week sometime in the evening and hope no one is there.  I drove by it earlier and no one was there.  Would be really nice to go swimming at night and cool off.
I wish I had some camping equipment.  I seriously wouldn’t mind driving up to the pine area up north just a couple hours away and go camping.  It would be so nice to be in some cooler weather.  I’ve been craving being outdoors like that.  But I have not one lick of camping equipment.  Not a tent or a sleeping bag or even a decent flashlight.  On top of that, I wish there was someone to go with.  I’m growing tired of doing everything solo.  It would be fun to do with a friend or two or a boyfriend.  Maybe I can join a camping group on  Great idea, however I still need to buy some equipment.  Maybe I’ll buy one or two things at a time and over time I’ll have enough for a decent trip.  Of course by that rate I won’t get to camp till next year.  *sigh*
That is one of the few things I miss about one of my ex-loves.  He had the equipment and we would go camping sometimes.  I remember one time we ran into some snags and so we didn’t get to the camp site till well after dark.  I remember being a little chilly and really tired as he was putting up the tent in pure blackness.  But he did it.  I was impressed.  And grateful.

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