What’s Human About It?

Sometimes technology is a good thing and sometimes it’s a real pain in the ass that has ruined the way people communicate with each other. 
We have an HR (Human Resources) person where I work.  Every time I or anyone else in the company has questions about paychecks, direct deposit, benefits, time sheets, holiday, etc. etc. etc.  This person always kicks you back into play and directs you to the damn website or 800 numbers.  Every time.  She never lifts a finger. 
One of my employees didn’t get her check and it was a mess.  She didn’t get her check for almost two weeks and she kept having to deal with this corporate 800 number and filling out forms and faxing them and re-faxing them because she forgot this or that and so on.  She kept having to do all this crap on her breaks too.  It really effected her morale on the job and rightly so.  You would think the HR person could have been more helpful.  I know “corporate” has to be the one to fix it but seriously???  You can’t get off your ass and help fax the forms for her or make a few phone calls yourself?  Every time, she just kept saying, “you need to call the corporate pay 800 number.” 
What a lazy ass.  Makes me want to say, what the hell do we have you here for since everything is online then?  We need to start calling it CR (Computer Resources) instead of Human Resources.

Aunt Flo’s A Bitch

Having a period really screws up my digestive track every time I get it and makes me so tired that I feel like I have been run over by a truck.  Yes, too much information, I know.  But you men don’t realize how friggin lucky, lucky, lucky you are!!

NG Guy

So I had my date with National Guard dude.  We’ll call him NG.  Tall, thin, kinda cute, kinda dorky.  But he is very, very sweet.  I can tell he is a low key kinda guy and pretty mature for his age.  He actually seems older to me like he’s in his 30’s.  He ended up making a good choice for our date, the Yard House which is one of my favorite places.  Awesome food, martinis and music. 

Young Guy With An Old Soul

Met a new guy off of one of my dating sites tonight.  We exchanged a few emails and then moved to instant messenger and then the phone – all in one evening.  Now I only really respond to emails that are decent and that’s like 2%.  He took the time to actually read my profile – you can tell by what they say in their email.  He actually introduced himself and told me a little about himself in the email.  Hardly any men seem to do this.
So after a few emails we moved to chat.  This guy was a total gentleman the entire time.  Very sweet and sincere too.  I was impressed.  It’s actually kind of sad that I’m impressed over this because this is how ALL men SHOULD be behaving to women they don’t know and are interested in dating.  Soon he was asking me if I would like to meet him and have a drink tomorrow night.  I accepted.  A few min later we talked on the phone for a few min.  I like to talk with someone on the phone first before the date – you get a better feel for the person.
I will say he is younger.  He’s 29.  He seems very mature for a 29 year old.  Old fashioned and I like that.  Like he’s an old soul almost.  It’s rare I’ll even give a 20 something the time of day in the dating world, I’ve made a few exceptions.  But his profile and his email were very nice.  Down to earth, no nonsense.  Single, never been married and no kids.
Here is the down side, he’s in the National Guard and leaving for training on August 3rd to prepare for his deployment to Afghanistan for a year.  *Looks up at the ceiling and shakes fist*  *sigh*  What if I hit it off with this guy and then what?  Wait a year?  *sigh*  Waiting games are getting really old for me.
But… I’m jumping the gun here.  I may not like him after meeting him in person or the other way around right?  There is an attraction between us and I have to admit, I’m interested in meeting him.  We’ll see how this goes.

Ever Get A Bill 10 Months Later?

So I go and check the mail today because I know it piled up in the mailbox.  I’ll do that when it’s hot out.  So…. I get this envelope from Mollen Immunization Clinics and I was curious.  They are one of the companies here in the valley that does the flu shots.  So I’m thinking it’s some sort of courtesy reminder or something about upcoming flu season right?  Wrong.
They are sending me a bill for my last flu shot in the amount of $25.  Um….. the date that I got the flu shot?  September 25, 2009.  Yeah.  What the heck???  The bill says “Unable to process your credit card info listed on consent, Please remit payment.”  Seriously?  You didn’t process my card in September??  I’m getting a notice and bill on this 10 freaking months later????? 
So now I have to go through all my banking statements and sure enough, they never charged me the money.  I have no idea what happened.  Maybe I or they accidentally transposed the debit card numbers on the form.  I can’t even remember if it was me who wrote it or them.  Either way, 10 months later?  Seriously?  Gawd, what total ass munchers.  I’ll be calling them this week to let them know just how big of ass munchers they are for this.

How Bad Does It Need to Get?

Tonight on the local news they had the widow of rancher Rob Krentz in her first TV appearance.  Rob was the Arizona rancher murdered on his own property back in March by an illegal alien sneaking across the border.  This was most likely the last straw that prompted our Governor to put the new immigration law into place that has stirred up so much UNNECESSARY controversy.
It was seriously sad to see her on camera talking about her husband and their ranching life together.  How they loved what they did and that they were best friends.  How the ranch has been in his family since 1907. 
It was sad to hear the neighbor talk about the issues too.  How the sheriff warned all the ranchers to back off and be careful because the drug cartels were taking over and dangerous.  He was saying how mad he was at that and I don’t blame him.
Robs widow has nothing to do with the law but did state that she was upset the federal government hasn’t done anything forever and if they would have a long time ago, her husband may still be alive and enjoying his grandchildren.
It really sickens me how much worse and worse and worse this gets.  There are illegals coming in every day.  EVERY DAY.  The human trafficking, the drugs, the crime, the trash wrecking our desert and so much more.  And everyone is up in arms because a police officer has the right to ask for proof of citizenship if he pulls you over for a standard traffic violation – something that is ALREADY a fucking federal law.  Oh…. but we are racist and there’s outrage.  Yet more and more crime, home invasions and murder of American citizens is ok.  And… the federal govt. files a law suite against us.
I just don’t get this administration.  I really don’t.  I won’t let Clinton and Bush off easy either.  They too both failed at illegal immigration.  Now it just gets worse and worse and yet we are called the racists. 

To Have Not To Hold

Ray of Light was seriously the best album that Madonna ever put out.  I’ve liked some of her older ones and some recent ones – Confessions on a Dance Floor is pretty damn good, but this one by far was the best work she’s ever done.  Every single song is fantastic and it’s hard to pick a favorite from Ray of Light.  Today I give you, To Have Not to Hold…