House Purge, Life Purge

I have decided I have put it off long enough.  I don’t know why I didn’t do a MAJOR clean out of my house all the time I was unemployed.  Lord knows I had the time on my hands to do it. 
Today I have started on my bedroom closet.  I let a lot of junk accumulate in there and it really became a hot mess.  I have been seriously going through all my clothes and getting rid of tons of it along with shoes, scarves, belts and other crap in there.  I seriously don’t know why I have held on to all of my skinny clothes.  I mean I had stuff in there from the early 90’s.  I guess secretly I’d been fooling myself that one day I would fit back into those cute mini skirts, dresses, jeans and so on.  *sigh* 
So I’m boxing it all up and getting rid of it.  Usually I donate stuff I get rid of but I’m wondering if this time I can sell some of this stuff.  There is an Ebay store not too far from me.  They do all the work for you.  I’m sure they get a cut of everything you sell but I don’t mind.  Some money is better than nothing I guess and then I don’t have to do all the work – they do.
I’m being pretty cut throat in this purging too.  I’m getting rid of tons of stuff.  I just need to and I want to make my life as organized and light as possible.  Time for the change and change creates change.  Especially positive change.
That’s one thing I will say was good about growing up in the Army, you moved every three years and so it made you clean stuff out on a more regular basis.  It kept you traveling light.  I need to get back to that.  In my 20’s and early 30’s I was much more organized – the Virgo in me.  Time to get back to that kind of living and not sure why the later half of my 30’s I’ve slacked.
It’s going to take me a while to get through all of my rooms closet by closet, drawer by drawer…. but I’ll get it done.  Not to mention the garage.  I started on that one some time ago but never finished. 
Once I’m done with that I think I’m going to get a roommate.  I could use the extra money to get some debt paid off.  Plus it might be nice to have a roommate again.  After that, I think I’ll start working on losing weight.  Yes, time to start purging the excess body weight too.  The healthy way of course.  Maybe I’ll start looking for a new job on top of that.  I don’t want to get comfortable in the job I’m in when I could be making more money.  We’ll see how the job market is.
Time to just get rid of dead weight and taking my life back.

One Response to “House Purge, Life Purge”

  1. Liz Says:

    Girl I know what you mean. I need to seriously clean out my closets too. Hey how did your date go?

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