Flag Man

So about two years ago I met a man on a dating site.  We’ll call him Flag man.  He lives in Flagstaff and we had chatted online a bit before he came down one weekend to meet me and take me on a date.  We both had a good time actually.  He was cute, friendly, down to earth, funny and a gentleman.  We hit it off fairly well.  A few weeks later after talking on the phone a few times a week he said that he really, really liked me.  That I really stand out.  The problem?  A few weeks later he admitted to me he was married.  I looked up at the ceiling and cried, “Why me????”  He told me they weren’t close and she was always away for weeks at a time for her job.  That they were pretty much distant roommates.  As much as I liked him, I broke it off and told him I couldn’t date him.  He understood. 
Once every blue moon he would drop me a note over these two years.  He has always been a gentleman.  Just friendly notes about how I was doing and hoped I would find work soon.  That kind of thing.
Today out of the blue he emailed me and said that he got divorced.  I emailed him back saying I was sorry to hear it.  He emailed back saying that it was actually pretty painless and amicable.
Later he got on chat with me.  He was surprising me a bit when he said that the night we had our date was burned in his memory.  That my intelligence and independence is damn sexy.  Well of course that made me smile.  He wants to take me out again.  I told him this kind of thing would be pretty hard to do with him in Flagstaff.  Then I joked and said, “You’ll have to move here.”  He replied with, “I know right?  I’m pretty sure I could find work, and financially I’m in very good shape.  But could I take the heat?!”  I told him that he didn’t have to shovel snow and drive on ice.  He said that in itself might be the clincher to seal the deal.  I laughed.
Then he surprised me by saying that he’d like to come down for a weekend and take me out.  So we are shooting for the weekend after next.  We’ll see though.  I don’t get my hopes up with men anymore till they actually follow through on something.


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