How Bad Does It Need to Get?

Tonight on the local news they had the widow of rancher Rob Krentz in her first TV appearance.  Rob was the Arizona rancher murdered on his own property back in March by an illegal alien sneaking across the border.  This was most likely the last straw that prompted our Governor to put the new immigration law into place that has stirred up so much UNNECESSARY controversy.
It was seriously sad to see her on camera talking about her husband and their ranching life together.  How they loved what they did and that they were best friends.  How the ranch has been in his family since 1907. 
It was sad to hear the neighbor talk about the issues too.  How the sheriff warned all the ranchers to back off and be careful because the drug cartels were taking over and dangerous.  He was saying how mad he was at that and I don’t blame him.
Robs widow has nothing to do with the law but did state that she was upset the federal government hasn’t done anything forever and if they would have a long time ago, her husband may still be alive and enjoying his grandchildren.
It really sickens me how much worse and worse and worse this gets.  There are illegals coming in every day.  EVERY DAY.  The human trafficking, the drugs, the crime, the trash wrecking our desert and so much more.  And everyone is up in arms because a police officer has the right to ask for proof of citizenship if he pulls you over for a standard traffic violation – something that is ALREADY a fucking federal law.  Oh…. but we are racist and there’s outrage.  Yet more and more crime, home invasions and murder of American citizens is ok.  And… the federal govt. files a law suite against us.
I just don’t get this administration.  I really don’t.  I won’t let Clinton and Bush off easy either.  They too both failed at illegal immigration.  Now it just gets worse and worse and yet we are called the racists. 

2 Responses to “How Bad Does It Need to Get?”

  1. cindy Says:

    And Reagan also gave them amnesty when he was prez…

    If the illegals get amnesty I fear that we will have a civil war. The economy is in the toilet and our own LEGAL ENGLISH SPEAKING CITIZENS cannot find work.

    My brother still hasn’t found anything – nearing 2 year mark

    GO ARIZONA! I will probably only be able to live vicariously since Colo probably won’t join the fight. So they’ll just come here or Cali.

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    I really feel for your brother Cindy. As you know I’ve been in those shows and for that long too! Man. Tell him to hang in there and to keep trying.

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