Ever Get A Bill 10 Months Later?

So I go and check the mail today because I know it piled up in the mailbox.  I’ll do that when it’s hot out.  So…. I get this envelope from Mollen Immunization Clinics and I was curious.  They are one of the companies here in the valley that does the flu shots.  So I’m thinking it’s some sort of courtesy reminder or something about upcoming flu season right?  Wrong.
They are sending me a bill for my last flu shot in the amount of $25.  Um….. the date that I got the flu shot?  September 25, 2009.  Yeah.  What the heck???  The bill says “Unable to process your credit card info listed on consent, Please remit payment.”  Seriously?  You didn’t process my card in September??  I’m getting a notice and bill on this 10 freaking months later????? 
So now I have to go through all my banking statements and sure enough, they never charged me the money.  I have no idea what happened.  Maybe I or they accidentally transposed the debit card numbers on the form.  I can’t even remember if it was me who wrote it or them.  Either way, 10 months later?  Seriously?  Gawd, what total ass munchers.  I’ll be calling them this week to let them know just how big of ass munchers they are for this.

One Response to “Ever Get A Bill 10 Months Later?”

  1. cindy Says:

    And hopefully now you can get this years shot from your own doctor…

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