Young Guy With An Old Soul

Met a new guy off of one of my dating sites tonight.  We exchanged a few emails and then moved to instant messenger and then the phone – all in one evening.  Now I only really respond to emails that are decent and that’s like 2%.  He took the time to actually read my profile – you can tell by what they say in their email.  He actually introduced himself and told me a little about himself in the email.  Hardly any men seem to do this.
So after a few emails we moved to chat.  This guy was a total gentleman the entire time.  Very sweet and sincere too.  I was impressed.  It’s actually kind of sad that I’m impressed over this because this is how ALL men SHOULD be behaving to women they don’t know and are interested in dating.  Soon he was asking me if I would like to meet him and have a drink tomorrow night.  I accepted.  A few min later we talked on the phone for a few min.  I like to talk with someone on the phone first before the date – you get a better feel for the person.
I will say he is younger.  He’s 29.  He seems very mature for a 29 year old.  Old fashioned and I like that.  Like he’s an old soul almost.  It’s rare I’ll even give a 20 something the time of day in the dating world, I’ve made a few exceptions.  But his profile and his email were very nice.  Down to earth, no nonsense.  Single, never been married and no kids.
Here is the down side, he’s in the National Guard and leaving for training on August 3rd to prepare for his deployment to Afghanistan for a year.  *Looks up at the ceiling and shakes fist*  *sigh*  What if I hit it off with this guy and then what?  Wait a year?  *sigh*  Waiting games are getting really old for me.
But… I’m jumping the gun here.  I may not like him after meeting him in person or the other way around right?  There is an attraction between us and I have to admit, I’m interested in meeting him.  We’ll see how this goes.

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