NG Guy

So I had my date with National Guard dude.  We’ll call him NG.  Tall, thin, kinda cute, kinda dorky.  But he is very, very sweet.  I can tell he is a low key kinda guy and pretty mature for his age.  He actually seems older to me like he’s in his 30’s.  He ended up making a good choice for our date, the Yard House which is one of my favorite places.  Awesome food, martinis and music. 
It was a decent time.  It’s always a bit off when you go on a first date.  After we finished dinner and I came back from the rest room he was already asking to take me out again on Thursday (today) for a movie.  I agreed and told him to call me Wed evening to solidify the details.  Yeah, he didn’t waste any time.  He was already holding my hand and walking me to my car.  I didn’t let him kiss me, just a peck and a hug.
So today he was going to call me after work to tell me which theatre etc.  Well I got stuck at work in a rain storm and had to wait it out.  Didn’t get home till 6:30 pm (around the time we were suppose to meet for the movies)  I had called him and left a message letting him know I got home late, hadn’t had dinner and wasn’t sure if we should even go out tonight and re-schedule because I don’t like staying up late on a work night.  When he finally called back he was already waiting at the theatre and hadn’t listened to my message. 
Well I couldn’t cancel at that point.  It would have been rude and bad of me.  I didn’t want to do that to him.  When I told him I hadn’t even eaten yet he offered we have dinner instead of the movie – that way we could eat and I didn’t have to worry about staying out to late.  I agreed and a few min. later I was out the door.  We decide on the Yard House again since the food is so good.
At this point I’m still not sure how I feel about him.  He seems TOTALLY smitten with me.  Like fast too.  He was all holding my hand at the table and saying how beautiful I was.  I was a bit embarrassed.  I don’t know why.  I guess because he seems so ooey gooey romantic so very quickly and he doesn’t even know me.  He was saying how fun I was and funny and very nice.  No this was not an act either.  I can tell he is serious.  So… not quite sure how to take this.  At one point through dinner he said how he was at the mall today and was thinking of buying me a gift to bring.  I was a little shocked.  He thought about perfume but didn’t know if the gift would have been too forward of him.  I smiled and said, “Well, I can stand a little spoiling to be honest.  I never get spoiled.”  He smiled and said he liked to spoil.
Later we went for a walk outside around Westgate.  It was nice because the rain had stopped and people were out.  The lights were nice and you can hear the music coming from some of the bars and clubs.  We stopped at the really cool fountain they have there with lights – kind of like a mini, mini Belagio fountain type thing.  He already had his arm around me and we just watched the fountain and the people.  We did some smooching too.  Decent kisser.
As he was walking me to my car he was saying he’d like to see me again.  He asked if I’d like to go to a Bar-b-que with him that some other dude he works with is having.  I told him I didn’t know yet.  I had to work and not sure if I would feel up to anything after work again.  I told him to call me after work and we’ll play it by ear and see how I’m feeling.
Yes this guy seems to want to see me a lot.  But again, he leaves for training on Tuesday for 70 days. 
I also noticed he already sent me an invite to be friends on Facebook which kind of shocked me too.  I never gave that out to him so he must have searched me on there.  I made myself searchable on there some months ago.  I haven’t accepted yet.  He also has a picture I sent him on his phone already.  I found about that because he was telling me he asked some officer when they were getting off work today and he said, “Why?  Do you have some hot date?” and NG said yes.  The other dude asked if he had a picture and he showed it.  The officer said, “Wow she’s pretty.  What the hell is she doing with you??”  I had to admit that made me laugh.  He asked how old I was and when NG told him, the guy didn’t believe him.  *grin*
I don’t really know how I feel about all this.  I mean, the guy doesn’t even really know me and he’s acting like we’ve been dating for a bit.  He seems to like me VERY, VERY much.  Not that that is bad, but… odd?  Too fast?  Too serious?  Too young?  Desperate?  Stalkerish?  I don’t know.  Throwing me off a bit.

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