What’s Human About It?

Sometimes technology is a good thing and sometimes it’s a real pain in the ass that has ruined the way people communicate with each other. 
We have an HR (Human Resources) person where I work.  Every time I or anyone else in the company has questions about paychecks, direct deposit, benefits, time sheets, holiday, etc. etc. etc.  This person always kicks you back into play and directs you to the damn website or 800 numbers.  Every time.  She never lifts a finger. 
One of my employees didn’t get her check and it was a mess.  She didn’t get her check for almost two weeks and she kept having to deal with this corporate 800 number and filling out forms and faxing them and re-faxing them because she forgot this or that and so on.  She kept having to do all this crap on her breaks too.  It really effected her morale on the job and rightly so.  You would think the HR person could have been more helpful.  I know “corporate” has to be the one to fix it but seriously???  You can’t get off your ass and help fax the forms for her or make a few phone calls yourself?  Every time, she just kept saying, “you need to call the corporate pay 800 number.” 
What a lazy ass.  Makes me want to say, what the hell do we have you here for since everything is online then?  We need to start calling it CR (Computer Resources) instead of Human Resources.

2 Responses to “What’s Human About It?”

  1. cindy Says:

    She’s not even a resource.

    She’s just a bloody recorded message.

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    I’ll say!

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