Come On Man, Really?

I don’t know if I ever blogged about this dude or not, I’m losing track.  Some guy who had contacted me on a dating site seemed interested.  We emailed and IM’d.  I gave him my number and he kept dancing around calling me.  Games, I thought.  *sigh*  So I basically gave him a few opportunities and again didn’t call.  Then in a nice way told him to piss off.  He finally gives me all this bs about how he didn’t have his own cell phone yet and that he had his ex’s phone and if he were to call me it would show on the bill and then she’d be questioning him blah, blah, fuckity blah, blah.  He said he was too embarrassed to tell me that and didn’t want his ex drama to get in the way of he and I.  I told him “so you can’t call from a pay phone?  Whatever.”
So again told him piss off.
Some time later he got his new phone and was all wanting another chance…. blah blah blah.  So….. I told him to call me.  Once again, said he would and didn’t call.  If all the baggage/drama is gone and you are now ready to date me, what is the problem here?  What the hell?  Sick of games.  So I just left it at that and wrote him off for good.
Now……. some months later, tonight he contacts me on my dating site telling me all the ex baggage and drama is gone and he wants another chance to talk with me and all this horse shit again.  One of his quotes, “You are too great of a catch i feel to just let go.”  WTF?????????? 
What is with all these games?  Or are you really this screwed up?  Why can’t some of these men get their shit together?  And why do these bastards keep coming back months later with lame ass shit like this over and over???  Do you really think I’m this stupid?   Why am I attracting this crappola?  LEAVE ME ALONE.

What Should I Do On The Berfday?

So the birthday of Martini Girl is coming up on the 10th and I was thinking of taking advantage of the freebies this year.  I have a membership to Sephora and on your birthday they give you a free beauty gift.  I think it’s like sample size so it isn’t much.  I think Red Robin gives you a free burger, Denny’s a free meal and so on.  I wish more makeup companies gave freebies like Sephora!  What else is free everyone?
Also, wondering if I should do something this year.  My day falls on a Friday.  Usually I never do anything and it’s a regular day like any other.  I kinda want to do something but have no clue what.  Not to mention most of my friends are far away *wah*. 
Any ideas anyone?  Does anyone even still read this blog?  Is this thing on?  *tap tap*

A Mother’s Quote….

“I’m gonna knock your head clear off of your shoulders if you don’t do what I say right now!”
I LOVE to witness parenting in action.

Nice Abs… er… I Mean Ads

So I’m on one of my dating sites and checking out a few profiles for shits and giggles when I see one of those full of crap website ads.  It’s rare I ever click on advertisements on webpages but this one had me chuckling and I couldn’t resist.  Clever little buggers how they seek out certain key words written in your profile or others profiles and then plaster those types of ads on the pages.  For example, I list myself as a BBW and an Army Brat.  So all over my pages are ads about dating sites of hot, hunky men who wanna date BBW’s.  Yeah ok.
But then I’m checking out some dudes profile and I see this one
I chuckle.  Again, clever little buggers.  I do have a soft spot for those military types.  Of course I knew the ad was total bull but curiosity got the best of me and I clicked anyway just to see what line of “yeah right” they’d feed me.  And this sweet little lovely pops up with their full ad….

Down and Out

Lovely Mawlware got on my computer last night.  It disguised itself as some anitvirus bullcrap and it stops you from doing anything on your computer unless you “buy” their program.  I couldn’t even get on the my internet browser.  Lovely.  I had Norton on my computer once upon a time ago but I shut it off, it sucked up sooooo much power from my computer.  I have tried installing new stuff but you have to uninstall the Norton first.  I could never seem to get it uninstalled. 
I was so annoyed.  It was bad enough I was already in a downer mood last night.
I called my cable company which then gave me a number for PlumChoice since they are 24 hours.  I had to fork out $100 but I didn’t mind because they are based in the states and employ in the States.  The guy I spoke with was so nice and awesome.  He took care of everything for me on my computer and called me back an hour later as my computer re-booted.  He removed Norton for me too. 
I have now installed McAfee which is free to Cox Communications customers thank goodness.  Hell, they charge enough for internet service, it better be free!

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Like or No Like?

How weird, I noticed on my blog posts there is a little “like” star you can click on now.  Guess WordPress added that but didn’t notify me.  I never got that whole thing on Youtube or Facebook.  I guess if you are too lazy to leave a comment you can just click the like buttons.