Down and Out

Lovely Mawlware got on my computer last night.  It disguised itself as some anitvirus bullcrap and it stops you from doing anything on your computer unless you “buy” their program.  I couldn’t even get on the my internet browser.  Lovely.  I had Norton on my computer once upon a time ago but I shut it off, it sucked up sooooo much power from my computer.  I have tried installing new stuff but you have to uninstall the Norton first.  I could never seem to get it uninstalled. 
I was so annoyed.  It was bad enough I was already in a downer mood last night.
I called my cable company which then gave me a number for PlumChoice since they are 24 hours.  I had to fork out $100 but I didn’t mind because they are based in the states and employ in the States.  The guy I spoke with was so nice and awesome.  He took care of everything for me on my computer and called me back an hour later as my computer re-booted.  He removed Norton for me too. 
I have now installed McAfee which is free to Cox Communications customers thank goodness.  Hell, they charge enough for internet service, it better be free!

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