Nice Abs… er… I Mean Ads

So I’m on one of my dating sites and checking out a few profiles for shits and giggles when I see one of those full of crap website ads.  It’s rare I ever click on advertisements on webpages but this one had me chuckling and I couldn’t resist.  Clever little buggers how they seek out certain key words written in your profile or others profiles and then plaster those types of ads on the pages.  For example, I list myself as a BBW and an Army Brat.  So all over my pages are ads about dating sites of hot, hunky men who wanna date BBW’s.  Yeah ok.
But then I’m checking out some dudes profile and I see this one
I chuckle.  Again, clever little buggers.  I do have a soft spot for those military types.  Of course I knew the ad was total bull but curiosity got the best of me and I clicked anyway just to see what line of “yeah right” they’d feed me.  And this sweet little lovely pops up with their full ad….
More chuckling ensues.  My my.  Really?  (see full ad here)
Because we all know that the soldiers running around in Iraq are so hot under that sun that they take their tops and t-shirts off but put their gear back on along with their helmet, chin strap fastened even.  And is that dried mud on his face?  How very G.I. Joe.  Outstanding.  Love the abs baby.
The more I stared at this picture the more I giggled.  When I decided I had to do a blog post on this and did a right click to save the picture, the name of the picture they saved it as?  Lady.  Yep, lady.  So this one is for a “lady user” to view.  I’m curious to see what the male user sees on his ads.  A military woman in a tight OD Green Army t-shirt with big tits and no bra I suppose.  I wonder if she has mud on her face too.  No doubt they unoriginally named the photo, “Man.”
I have to say I’m enjoying the picture immensely.  I find it hot and humorous at the same time.  Maybe I should make it my desktop wallpaper on my computer.  Hmmm…. maybe I should print it out, put it in a little frame and keep on my desk at work.  I can tell people he’s my boyfriend serving in Iraq, with a straight face.  Thoughts?

2 Responses to “Nice Abs… er… I Mean Ads”

  1. cindy Says:

    As Rachel Ray would say YUMMO!

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    heh heh heh

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