What Should I Do On The Berfday?

So the birthday of Martini Girl is coming up on the 10th and I was thinking of taking advantage of the freebies this year.  I have a membership to Sephora and on your birthday they give you a free beauty gift.  I think it’s like sample size so it isn’t much.  I think Red Robin gives you a free burger, Denny’s a free meal and so on.  I wish more makeup companies gave freebies like Sephora!  What else is free everyone?
Also, wondering if I should do something this year.  My day falls on a Friday.  Usually I never do anything and it’s a regular day like any other.  I kinda want to do something but have no clue what.  Not to mention most of my friends are far away *wah*. 
Any ideas anyone?  Does anyone even still read this blog?  Is this thing on?  *tap tap*

4 Responses to “What Should I Do On The Berfday?”

  1. Chad Says:

    Look at the restaurants you like going to, and then hit their websites, many more restaurants do the freebie on your birthday deal. You can tell by when you sign up for their email specials that it asks for the birthday. Hopefully you’ll find a better spot than RR or Dennys!

  2. Tracy Says:

    Try a google search for “free stuff+birthday” and you’ll find some good info.

  3. Walt Fortune Says:

    WIsh I was sharing it with you hot stuff.

  4. cindy Says:

    I’m going to send the coco-lime soap and make some lotion and try my hand at sugar scrubbies!

    Wished we lived closer chica!

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