Come On Man, Really?

I don’t know if I ever blogged about this dude or not, I’m losing track.  Some guy who had contacted me on a dating site seemed interested.  We emailed and IM’d.  I gave him my number and he kept dancing around calling me.  Games, I thought.  *sigh*  So I basically gave him a few opportunities and again didn’t call.  Then in a nice way told him to piss off.  He finally gives me all this bs about how he didn’t have his own cell phone yet and that he had his ex’s phone and if he were to call me it would show on the bill and then she’d be questioning him blah, blah, fuckity blah, blah.  He said he was too embarrassed to tell me that and didn’t want his ex drama to get in the way of he and I.  I told him “so you can’t call from a pay phone?  Whatever.”
So again told him piss off.
Some time later he got his new phone and was all wanting another chance…. blah blah blah.  So….. I told him to call me.  Once again, said he would and didn’t call.  If all the baggage/drama is gone and you are now ready to date me, what is the problem here?  What the hell?  Sick of games.  So I just left it at that and wrote him off for good.
Now……. some months later, tonight he contacts me on my dating site telling me all the ex baggage and drama is gone and he wants another chance to talk with me and all this horse shit again.  One of his quotes, “You are too great of a catch i feel to just let go.”  WTF?????????? 
What is with all these games?  Or are you really this screwed up?  Why can’t some of these men get their shit together?  And why do these bastards keep coming back months later with lame ass shit like this over and over???  Do you really think I’m this stupid?   Why am I attracting this crappola?  LEAVE ME ALONE.

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