September… It Should Be The Seventh Month

I had meant to do this big extravagant post on the month of September yesterday but I was too tired.  But…. then I decided why do one big post on it?  Why not do little snipits here and there on my favorite month?  (October is my fav too)
September I love because it kicks off the fall season which is my favorite season.  It also is the month I think of for going back to school – though here in Arizona, they all go back in August, which I find that so wrong on many different levels.  September is also my birth month, so of course I love it for that too.  Harvest, new beginings… So many different things to talk about for this month and it’s meanings.  But for now, we’ll start with an interesting fact….
Sept is a prefix with Latin roots meaning “seventh”. It may seem strange that the ninth month (September) should have a prefix meaning seven. This came about because in ancient Rome there were only ten months and the first month was March. When Numa Pompilius, the Roman King, changed the calendar in about 700 B.C. he added two months. The Roman Senate rolled back the date of the New Year in 153 B.C., but the senators did not bother to change the names of the numbered months to conform with their new position in the calendar. When the name “September” came to England via Old French, it replaced hærfestmonað, which refers to the month of the harvest. 
It is well known that “thirty days hath September…” Indeed, it originally had 30 days, until Numa’s reform, when it lost a day, which was restored when Julius Caesar again revised the Calendar in 46 B.C.

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