Today was pretty sucky.  Just down.  Didn’t want to be at work at all and not satisfied with my life there.  It’s a nice place and all, close to where I live, still in the Training field and very grateful to have a job.  Just down lately and sucking pretty bad for money.  The pay is shit for what I do.  When I got home I was antsy as hell and it felt like I had restless leg syndrome or something.  I finally went and took a dip in the pool to get rid of what I think might be anxiety.
The water has cooled down quite a bit from when I was swimming weeks ago.  But it wasn’t cold and still very nice.  Tried to get as much exercise as I could while I watched all the Luke Air Force planes go by 2 by 2 on their way back to the base.  Lots and lots of them were out tonight.  Then I’d see loners going back.  Must be the pretend bogeys.  heh.
Came back to a pretty nice email from a guy I went on a date with a few years ago.  That made me smile.
I feel better after the swim.  I may have to take advantage of that in the next few nights.  Maybe a date too. 

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