Prayers & Ideas For Two Hearts Please

I need to ask for two things from my 5 readers – ha.  One – I need some prayers sent my way.  Two – Ideas on cheering someone up.  Let me give you the background, because it wouldn’t be me without making this long winded right?  Then I can be more specific on the prayers and ideas.
A few months ago my father’s kidney doctor listened to his heart and heard irregular heart beats.  He referred my dad to a heart doctor to get it checked out.  He also put my dad on some heart medicine in the mean time.  So a week or two later my parents went.  They did tests and such and the heart doctor listened to my dad’s heart and said there was nothing wrong and to get off the meds – he didn’t need them (I forgot what the meds actually did).  So my dad did.  We all figured, a heart doctor and heart clinic would catch anything right?  Wrong.  I guess what my dad has you can’t hear it all the time.
So about a month later my dad goes back to the kidney doctor for his routine visit there.  He listens to my dad’s heart and hears the same thing again.  He asked my parents what happened at the heart doctor and my dad told him – including stop taking the meds.  The kidney doctor got pissy and grabbed his phone and called the heart place and spoke to one of the techs.  He asked them to pull my dad’s file and to read it to him.  Then he told the tech, “Well I have the patient here in my office and I’m hearing *insert some heart beat term here*  So the tech says to send my dad back to their office right now.  So off they go.  This time, yes they confirm my dads problem.  Don’t ask me what exactly it is I don’t remember.
They decide to put him on a blood thinner and also another med that slows his heart rate down.  They start you on the smallest dose till they get you at the right level.  Well at his next appointment with the heart doctor they found the med slowed his heart down too much so the next step is a pacemaker.  This kind of freaks me out – I mean I know they do a zillion of these a day in the world but still… that’s my daddy’s heart.
Here’s the other monkey wrench – my parents had been planning a trip.  First stop was Tennessee so they could go to my nephew’s wedding.  Then they were going to drive to Indiana to see some of my dads friends and then to Wisconsin to see my moms relatives.  They usually don’t plan big trips like this all the time and this time they were going to fly to the first stop.  So…. my mom thought about it and she didn’t want to risk my dad waiting for the surgery after the trip because she would be worrying about him the whole time on the flights and such and I don’t blame her.  The doctor even assured them usually after two weeks after the surgery the patient does well and 6 weeks pretty much back to normal. 
The heart doctor referred them to the heart surgeon but told my dad he’d probably have to wait 5 to 7 days first because of the blood thinner still being in his system.  They tell the heart surgeon this but he says, “Nah, you should be fine in a few days let’s schedule it for Friday”   My parents get up at the butt crack of dawn and drive to the hospital and they start prepping him.  After they did a blood test guess what?  Yeah, blood still too thin to go through surgery and have to reschedule for the following Monday.  What a pain in the ass.  My mom was pissed that heart surgeon did that.
Monday all goes well.  My dad stays overnight and goes home the next day.
Two weeks later my dad is not feeling any better.  In a lot of pain and sleeping a lot.  He is swelling with a lump.  My mom says she knows he’s in pain because usually my dad doesn’t like to take pain pills but he’s taking them.
She took him to the doctor today and he has something (begins with an H) but I don’t remember what they call it.  His blood or fluid is pooling.  They said that sometimes it dissolves on it’s own but my mom doesn’t think it will so they have to go back to the doctor on Thursday.  On top of that, they now have to cancel their trip, because my dad just isn’t feeling well enough.  The tickets are good for a year but still, how disappointing.  She’s pretty upset at this whole thing and I don’t blame her.  If the original heart doctor would have caught this two months ago, he probably would have been healed by now.  Plus the extra worry and such.
So…. that brings me to asking you to send prayers my dad’s way for recovery and ideas on what I can do to cheer my mom up.  I can tell she is down and stressed and rightly so.  The whole thing worries me too.  I thought about maybe cooking dinner for them one night but since I work, by the time I would get to their place and start cooking it would be around 6pm before we eat so that’s out.  I’m totally broke so I can’t order flowers to send.  I was thinking of going over there just to give her some company but still want to do something creative to cheer her up and give her a break.  Any ideas?

5 Responses to “Prayers & Ideas For Two Hearts Please”

  1. cindy Says:

    Girl! Sucks. We will be praying for speedy recovery!

    Do your parents like to play board or card games? Dominoes? That’s something you all could do together that doesn’t cost. Maybe just having family together will be good for ya’ll. Very functional word.

    Or have the friends and family they were going to visit send cards and letter, email, pictures that won’t cost you either if you can email them and have them spread the word.

  2. Tracy Says:

    Prayers being said for a quick and complete healing for your dad!

    If you’re mom is into girly stuff, maybe you can plan a “girl’s pamper fun day” where you do manis and pedis and facials at home, watch movies she likes, and enjoy whatever comfort foods she likes. Or maybe even glam each other up, grab a camera, and do photo shoots posing in different places both indoors and outdoors (use a timer feature and snap some shots together).

    Or, find some simple, inexpensive, local activities to take her to so she can get out of the house for a brief escape — fall festival, fair, browse a farmer’s market/antique shops, visit a nearby landmark, get lost looking through books and magazines at a library, even go sit somewhere with some treat from Starbucks and people watch for a while.

    Or, find out if she’s needing some help around the house. Offer to do some cleaning, organize a closet, or perhaps run errands (do some grocery shopping, fill the gas tank, run by the post office, pick up this or that), etc.

    Hope you find something to do that will help your mom feel supported during this time.

  3. Barbi Says:

    Damn it! I just wrote a long response to this and it went bye bye for some silly reason. just know your daddy will be in my thoughts and prayes and I will call you this weekend. I adore you missy!

  4. Martini Girl Says:

    Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers. It means a lot to me. Really good ideas too!

    He went to the doctor and the pooling is normal in some people and the doc says it should go away on it’s own so I guess they just need to keep an eye on it. They did change his meds so we’ll see if he is less tired on that.

    Again, thanks everyone. So much.

  5. Waylon Says:

    Vince is an Army legend. I was there when he took down five gooks with a rocket launcher and acted like nothing happened. He punched me in the stomach and simply walked away. The Army is lacking in such characters these days, especially from my point of view as a 68 year old specialist. Get well mate!!

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