Trapped and Strapped

Lately my car had been acting weird.  Kind of sputtering a little when I accelerated.  Of course I had $18 to my name all last week so I couldn’t take it in till I got paid.  Payday was yesterday and I figured I would take my car in this weekend or Monday or Tuesday to have it looked at.  So… I’m on my way back from getting my nails done and the car starts sputtering and jumping and the engine light comes on.  Lovely.  I made it home.  Of course I can’t drive it at this point since it’s doing that.
I’ve had this used 2005 car for about 5 months and I did purchase a warranty through the Credit Union.  The problem?  They are not open on the weekends and you have to call them first before any work is done.  Grrrrrr.  Oh well.  The dealership was booked today anyway so I booked a 7:30 am appointment for Monday morning.  They can shuttle me to work too so that’s nice.  Man…. I’m seriously hoping that whatever is wrong with it, is covered on the warranty.  I also hope it makes the drive to the dealership. 
It’s times like this I really wish I had a man to help me with this kinds of stuff.  Not that I expect him to fix the car, but just to… well…. you know.. help me with this crap.
So I’m sure I’ll be strapped for cash again here soon and trapped here in the house all weekend.  I HATE this economy.  **Oh and anyone judging me for saying I don’t have money and getting my nails done can bite me.  My nails and inexpensive makeup are the little pleasures I have in life that don’t cost too much.  I don’t own a cell and I don’t drink Starbucks so there!

One Response to “Trapped and Strapped”

  1. cindy Says:

    I hear ya. Hope it’s covered.

    I need to have the oil changed on mine – waaaay overdue.

    Oh and my toofuses?! Thanks to my uber obnoxious boss I’ve had 4 root canals and crowns done over the last 5-6 years. I ground my teeth at night and the preesure destroyeed my tooth. My new dentist who just did the fourth crown says the other three need to be redone because there’s been more damage.

    Insurance only covers 1250 for 1 year. Luckily pays for 50% of root canal and crowns. so one root canal and crown cleaning and replacing 2 small silveer fillings and I’m already over.

    Already heard that next yr’s is going up 15% …5% if they play around with increasing co-pays and such.

    Need to impeach the dictator. Crap.

    And I just watched that documentary Smartest Guys in the Room about those Enron creeps. Good grief. They should have been executed to send a message.

    No worries about having a few “luxuries” that make this world tolerable. 😉

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