Cat Camp

An ex employee (and friend) of mine went away to Italy for two months and I agreed to take in her cat for that time.  He’s a real sweetheart.  He was always super affectionate with me.
Of course right now I have him in the spare room all to himself.  That’s because Lola wouldn’t be too pleased.  She’s already hissed and growled a few times.  She even hissed at me!  But… all perfectly normal.  Poor Beasy, I can tell he’s curious about Lola and wants to approach.  But I’ll have to take this slow.
I’ve had them separated like that for a few days now and rotating who gets to roam the rest of the house.  Lola gets the day time and Beasy gets the night time.  This evening I’m trying something different.  I just now switched their rooms.  Lola is now in Beasy’s room and Beasy is in mine (where I’m keeping Lola’s stuff right now).  This way they can get used to the scents of each other in privacy and without either feeling threatened. 
This weekend though, I’m going to be letting them get closer.  There will be hissing and growling but at least I’ll be home to supervise.
In the meantime, I have created a Twitter account for Beasy so his mom can see how he is doing.  Go and check it out, he’s a pretty cool dude.  heh heh heh 

2 Responses to “Cat Camp”

  1. Barbi Says:

    How is Lola doing with a man in the house?

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    She’s not digging it too much. I have let them be in the same room this evening and if he comes close she hisses and growls and puts her ears back. Kind of sad because I can tell he is curious about her. So far as long as he keeps his distance she doesn’t mind being in the same room – this is so she can watch him. heh.

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