Can’t Anti Up the 1st, 2nd or 3rd Time? Then Get the Hell Out

So this assclown has emailed me yet AGAIN tonight.  What the hell?  I ignored his last email and now he is emailing me again.  I guess he was dropped on his head and didn’t get the message. 
He’s being persistent now, I’ll give him that.  But no way.  I have learned my lesson from these types of assclowns.  They do this shit over and over.  Then when I think, “ok, I’ll give him another chance…” they totally pull more bullshit on me like not calling or not showing up for the date or weird lies and stories and I always get burned with these games.  Every single time when they are persistent like this – I’ll give in and get burned.  NO MORE.  I don’t care if you really are serious and you really do have everything all squared away.  You can try till your blue in the face.  No.  
I just blocked him on my profile now.  That’s what I’m going to have to start doing with these punks.  I’m really tired of men not backing up what they say.  There seem to be very, very, very few men who have the balls to anti up.  Everyone else is just full of crap.  I’ll be cleaning those out of my life little by little.  My new nickname for these types of men…. the runaround guys.  Because that’s all they give you.  The runaround.

2 Responses to “Can’t Anti Up the 1st, 2nd or 3rd Time? Then Get the Hell Out”

  1. Tracy Says:

    Recently I setup a profile at a couple dating sites. I’m inspired by your posts sharing online dating adventures. I’m not a paid subscriber at any of them yet, so that’s a little limiting in terms of search and communication and I’m sure it affects chances of success. If you ever want to share your thoughts on what site(s) you think are best, please feel free to send me an email about it.

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    Ahh Tracy diving into the online dating hell! LOL I’ll have to do a post on the do’s and don’t’s and what to expect.

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