I Missed The Harvest Moon!

I had meant to post this the day of or day before the harvest moon and first day of autumn.  This article gives you the low down of the harvest moon and what it means.  Interesting stuff.
I remember last year seeing the moon at this time and it was quite a sight to see.  The moon looked HUGE and I mean huge and ORANGE.  It was sooooooo  beautiful and mysterious looking like that.  The article states that the full moon really isn’t any bigger or orange but only looks that way because of the time it’s rising around a sunset.  Another time I saw it like that it was huge and yellow.  I always love seeing it because it’s a sign fall is here.  I love fall.

One Response to “I Missed The Harvest Moon!”

  1. cindy Says:

    I LOVE fall too!

    Need to live somewhere where the trees actually get to change color before we get slammed with a really heavy wet snow and end up with a gazillion green leaves on the ground, stuck to cars…

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