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All I know is I feel like complete and utter shit right now.  I’m very sad.  Very, very sad.  At the same time angry too.  So very angry at myself and at other things.  Everything I do is wrong and I’m just not good enough for anything or anyone.  What have I done to deserve this? 

Who Are You?

Someone keeps calling me from a 612 number in Minneapolis, MN.  I don’t know anyone from that state and every time I see it on my caller ID I don’t pick up the phone.  They never leave a message either.  It could be someone that lives here that has not changed their cell phone to a local number.  I think it’s weird they don’t leave a message given how many times they have called.
Then last night, I was trying to get to sleep and just when I was finally drifting off, my phone rang once and then stopped.  It startled me.  It was 12:26 am for cripes sakes!  It made me uneasy that my phone rang that late.  I was jumpy after that and my heart was racing.  Why I don’t know.
I made it a point in the morning to look at my caller id.  Sure enough, it was that same 612 number. 
I don’t like that.

Fall Goals

We are about a month into fall, my favorite season as you may know.  It’s also the season of change and I need to take that seriously this year.  So I have decided on a few goals.

Arizona State Fair

I think in all of my 19 years living here I have only gone to the Arizona State Fair twice.  Way back when I first moved here too.  I never really went after that because well we all know how pricey that stuff can get.  The admission, the rides, the food, etc. etc.  I’ve always had a think for carnivals and such, not sure why I never went more to tell you the truth.
For some reason this year I really want to go.  I was looking at their site and they actually have some really good deals on admission and rides on certain days and such.  The down side is I have no one to go with.  *big frown*  I do lots and lots of things alone but the fair wouldn’t be any fun that way.  You have to go with someone.  The other side is I shouldn’t spend money on it because quite frankly, I really have none.  Every single pay day I’m broke – all of it to bills.
Figures… the one year I want to go.  gah!
They always have free concerts there and the B52’s are playing tonight.  Gah again.  They also have the Roller Derby girls doing free bouts too!  Gah yet again!  I wanna see it.  I want to get on a few rides.  I want some cotton candy.  I wanna go and can’t.  BOOOO.

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Simple and Sweet

I went on a date Thurs night with a pretty nice guy.  This is the one I think I mentioned in an earlier post and how he was active in his church.  After a few emails and phone calls he took me out to a really nice little pizza place in Scottsdale.  Outstanding service I might add. 
It was a nice and simple date.  The atmosphere nice.  The weather nice.  The food was good.  And we had a nice conversation.  No awkward moments and no red flags.  We seemed to have a lot in common.  What threw me is he is also a professional trainer for his company.  But I’m sure he makes bigger bucks than I do though.  He trains people how to make and assemble medical devices.
Not a bad looking fellow either.  He said I looked very pretty last night and that I not only look like my pictures but even better in person.
He was a gentleman the whole night.  After dinner we took a walk around the shopping area and movie theatre.  Then he walked me to my car and he did the polite thing which was hug me instead of kissing me.  I didn’t mind that.  After the hug, he didn’t waste any time booking the next date and asked me if I’d like to do something with him on Sunday.  I said yes. 

Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite

Ummm…. have you all been hearing about the recent bed bugs outbreaks lately?  Jeez.  As if we don’t have enough to worry about in this life.  Now bed bugs are making a comeback.  A major comeback.  It’s mostly hitting New York.  All those bastages flying in from other countries bringing this crap in.  We need to start body searching and hosing people down when they arrive like they do in prisons.  Then throw lice powder on em an shit like they did in Shawshank Redemption.  Supposedly these things have been on the rise for a bit now.  Cripes I heard on the news that they had to shut down some movie theatre in New York because of bed bugs.  
Yeah they say it’s mostly in New York, but don’t think for a second you are safe.  I heard at work the other day from one of the supervisors that his rep was out a few days because she had bed bugs and had bites all over her.  Yes, bed bugs!  I wouldn’t think those bastards would thrive in hot as hell, dry ass Arizona but I guess they do.  I got grossed out when I heard that.  I don’t go near that rep.  Those things hitch rides in your clothes.  This is how they spread.  I hear it’s hard to get rid of these suckers too.  The thought of bed bugs creeps me out.  Any kind of parasites do.  Blech.
These bastards are spreading everywhere!  That creeps me out too.  Makes me not want to try on clothes in department stores or go to the movies now.  Seriously.

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