Arizona State Fair

I think in all of my 19 years living here I have only gone to the Arizona State Fair twice.  Way back when I first moved here too.  I never really went after that because well we all know how pricey that stuff can get.  The admission, the rides, the food, etc. etc.  I’ve always had a think for carnivals and such, not sure why I never went more to tell you the truth.
For some reason this year I really want to go.  I was looking at their site and they actually have some really good deals on admission and rides on certain days and such.  The down side is I have no one to go with.  *big frown*  I do lots and lots of things alone but the fair wouldn’t be any fun that way.  You have to go with someone.  The other side is I shouldn’t spend money on it because quite frankly, I really have none.  Every single pay day I’m broke – all of it to bills.
Figures… the one year I want to go.  gah!
They always have free concerts there and the B52’s are playing tonight.  Gah again.  They also have the Roller Derby girls doing free bouts too!  Gah yet again!  I wanna see it.  I want to get on a few rides.  I want some cotton candy.  I wanna go and can’t.  BOOOO.

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