Fall Goals

We are about a month into fall, my favorite season as you may know.  It’s also the season of change and I need to take that seriously this year.  So I have decided on a few goals.
Organization – I used to be a really organized person.  I had everything in it’s place and kept my house spotless.  After I got laid off and in all this time that has stopped and I can’t figure out why.  I can I guess but still…. it’s so not me.  Especially since I was so organized all my life.  Focusing on finding a job, making ends meet, stress, dating, and being on the computer constantly has contributed to this.  I’ve made some attempts here and there but they always fall short and I don’t know why I can’t get the motivation.  That stops now.  Right now.  I’ll be seriously focusing on getting everything organized in my house and in my life.  Once that is done I’ll be doing the serious deep cleaning scrub down.  Cleaning things like taking all the window blinds down and scrubbing them.  All the screens on my windows.  The high plant shelves in my house.  Scrubbing the base boards, the kitchen cabinets, ceiling fans and so on.
Plus I want to start back on the path of redecorating my house.  I’m so poor I don’t know how I’ll manage it but I have to.  I just have to.  But first the organization and major cleaning must happen.
Weight – One of the other things I need to change is my weight.  I can no longer ignore it.  My weight has held me back from things.  From dating more, from jobs.  Yes jobs.  When I was thin, I got job offers after my interviews.  The handful of interviews I did get in this bad economy, I didn’t.  Sadly, life as we know it is shallow.  It’s just the way it is.  Mostly, I want to change it.  I’m tired of not being able to buy the cute outfits I want because they don’t make them in my size.  I’m tired of feeling tired.  I’m tired of how I look.  I’m better than this.  I really am better than this.  I’m such an attractive person and being this weight is out of control – never in my life have I been this heavy.  Not to mention for health reasons.  The last thing I need is health problems so it’s time to prevent them before they happen.  I just want to feel better and so I need to make a move on it and stick with it. 
Before I was laid off I had a membership at Ladies Workout Express (same concept as Curves) and I LOVED it.  I was losing weight and went faithfully 5 nights a week.  They shut that location down which really annoyed me because it was 5 min from my house, but then I got laid off anyway and really couldn’t afford another membership year.  Soooo….. I need to do something that won’t cost money.  I’ll have to do walking.  Which honestly gets boring so I’ll have to come up with some plans to avoid me losing interest.  I’ll have to think of something with that.  As for food I’m going to do the South Beach Diet.  I’ve never tried it but from what I have read up on it, it seems to be a very healthy way to lose the weight and keep it off.  ***Side note:  I wish you were here Barb!  Then I could do walking with you!
It will be one to three weeks before I start because I need to plan and prepare.  I need to buy the book which I may get tonight before the book store closes.  I need to read the book, take some notes, plan a shopping list, a reward system, get my fridge/freezer/pantry cleaned out and squared away and then stock them with the right food.
But…. now I have put this down on the blog in public so I have indeed made the commitments.  I’ll do my best to post my progress on here.  I know these two things alone are going to make a huge difference in my life and it’s seriously time.
Organization and
Starting Weight Loss

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