Who Are You?

Someone keeps calling me from a 612 number in Minneapolis, MN.  I don’t know anyone from that state and every time I see it on my caller ID I don’t pick up the phone.  They never leave a message either.  It could be someone that lives here that has not changed their cell phone to a local number.  I think it’s weird they don’t leave a message given how many times they have called.
Then last night, I was trying to get to sleep and just when I was finally drifting off, my phone rang once and then stopped.  It startled me.  It was 12:26 am for cripes sakes!  It made me uneasy that my phone rang that late.  I was jumpy after that and my heart was racing.  Why I don’t know.
I made it a point in the morning to look at my caller id.  Sure enough, it was that same 612 number. 
I don’t like that.

5 Responses to “Who Are You?”

  1. Dennis Says:

    I had a similar problem pre-caller id era. Someone would call me, and when I picked it up, they would hang up. They would let it ring and ring and ring and ring until I answered the phone.

    To solve it, I got call forwarding on my phone. Then, whenever I thought the person would call I would forward my phone to a disconnected number. What would happen is: They would call, I would hear a half of a ring (courtesy ring) and the call was forwarded to the disconnect recording. I kept call forwarding for a couple of months, the annoying jerk thought I changed my number, and I didn’t really have to give out a new number to all my friends.

    The only downside was sometimes I would get a legit call, but I explained it away by saying I was having telephone trouble.

    Hope this helps. If you have any questions, call Cindy of myself.

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    I forgot about the call forwarding feature. That’s funny Dennis.

  3. cindy Says:

    Well, he didn’t just forward to disconnected numbers. Sometimes he’d forward to the police station or a pizza place…

    There is a website that I’ve used becauae we’ve been getting calls – daily from a numbwr in NY…same thing – they never leave a msg. Very annoying.

    Whocalledus.com – and there’s also reverse lookup. And you can send their information to the FTC – they could get fined. I’ve read that they’re not supposed to be using auto-dialers anymore.

  4. Martini Girl Says:

    Well the mystery is solved. I went ahead and picked up the phone today and it was Wells Fargo telemarketing me for some program. I still think it’s odd that it comes up like a regular number and not a business number. Or that my phone rang after midnight that one night. Of course it only rang once so…. don’t know. Who knows, maybe it’s a scammer posing as Wells Fargo.

  5. cindy Says:

    That’s just rude if they are really on the up and up…

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