Someone Friggin Pinch Me

So….. I wasn’t going to vote today.  I have been so disenchanted with politics for the last year.  Probably longer, like two years.  I haven’t kept up too much on the news hardly at all, just some major things here and there but really I’ve had the “wake me up when this presidential term is over and the economy is better” mentality.  I have been living proof of how bad things have been.  I’m one of the statistics, as well as many people I know.  And so I just didn’t want to watch the news and continue seeing how bad things are with more foreclosures, more unemployment, more shit policies, more tax hikes and on and on and on.
I did some thinking today on my lunch hour that I should vote.  Because when you are mad about how things are going or disenchanted… it’s all the more reason to vote.  Even if you don’t think the things or people you vote for will win or not or if you know they’ll win even without your vote.  You should still vote and have your say.  It’s your state, your country, your rights and your money.
Now… it was the most sloppiest vote I have ever done though.  This is because I didn’t do any of my own research.  Na-da.  Like I said, I haven’t kept up on anything, nor did I care.  So I had no idea about the propositions or judges.  I left all the judges blank – there were a gazillion of em.  I did do some quick, quick, quick reading on the props and voted on them.  I can’t believe the medical marijuana one is up for voting again.  *rolls eyes*  
I was also sloppy in the people.  No research.  I basically just voted Republican straight down the list.  Period.  Every single Republican got my vote, even though I’m seriously sick to death of seeing John McCain’s name on the ballot.  I’m too mad at the Democrats and Obama on how they have taken things from bad to worse in such a short time.  I’m angry like most Americans right now.  Our country is circling the drain big time.  It is so so so bad.  Shoving a useless and expensive Government health care plan down our throats when the majority of Americans did not want it.  Hiking our taxes.  Not creating jobs or employment – then claiming you have as the numbers continue to get shittier.  That one is a biggie.  The other biggie…. the RIDICULOUS amounts of spending that Obama and the Democrats have done!!!  That in itself is fucking shameful.
I had no doubts that it would be a pretty devastating blow to Democrats tonight.  I knew Republicans would be winning left and right.  Americans are really pissed off.  We gained seats in every single category and have now taken over the House.  Yup.  Nancy fucking douchebag Pelosi is OUT!!!!!!  Good-bye douche bag.  Go get on unemployment and get the shitty gov. run health care you pushed on all of us.  She won’t of course because she is rich.  Gone though.  Bu-bye.  Take your giant gavel and shove it up your ass on the way out back to your crap ass failing state California.  Do I sound bitter?  You bet!!  My taxes are going up come January as well as my company purchased health care!  Yes, we had a benefits roll out the other day at work for the annual enrollment and the “changes.”  Costs going up.  Gee, what a shocker.  Thanks Obama and Nancy.
Republicans are not perfect either.  But this round of Democrats have done such a piss poor job.  Awful.  Just Awful.
I’ll be curious to see if Obama starts to move to the center now.  Same thing happened to Bill Clinton.  He governed way left and then voting like this happened to him.  Yep, good ole boy Bill had to wise up and realize that it’s not HALF a country you are governing, it’s a whole one.  So he moved more center.  I wonder with Obama though.  He’s one of those people that does NOT like to admit mistakes or that he is wrong.  His way or the highway.
Ok Republicans.  You have a chance from the people.  DO what you are suppose to do.  Don’t sit on your asses.

One Response to “Someone Friggin Pinch Me”

  1. cindy Says:

    I have always voted a straight republican ticket – ever since I was 18. They vote along party lines why shouldn’t I?

    And lately I vote out all the judges.

    You are correct that the repubs are not perfect either but I figure they typically are more in line with what I want/believe. And again your assessment of O is spot on. He really has his own crazy agenda so we’ll see how things go.

    And they way I see it, if you don’t vote you don’t have the right to complain…

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