Sarah Is Kewl!

It’s the only way I know how to describe Sarah Palin.  She and her family have a new reality show on TLC called “Sarah Palin Alaska” which of course features her and her family living in Alaska.  I have to admit, I had not heard about this show at all until today.  I mean, where the hell have I been?????  Oh that’s right, I haven’t been watching the news hardly at all or keeping up on Twitter lately.  So I’m in the dark on current events these days.  I heard about it on the radio this morning.  I missed the showing of it earlier and so caught a repeat this evening.
This woman is so sexy and down to earth.  She’s just like any other career wife/mother out there.  She is pretty, sexy, adventurous, smart, funny, real, friendly, goody goody – yet tough.   This woman got some serious results done for her state when she was governor.  She had the highest approval ratings of any Gov.  Even democrats in her state approved of her and the things she did for them.  What does that say??  And all the while still raising a family and having another baby.  Let’s face it, the woman is just kewl.
No surprise she broke ratings recordsfor TLC.  heh heh  I tell ya though, the show seemed really cool.  They are definitely showing off Alaska well in this, it’s breathtaking.  I also like watching her and Todd doing things together.  They went on a dangerous rock climbing adventure with a pro and she was so scared.  It was great watching her and even though she was being girly and scared, she was not giving up and she made it.  It took her a long time and it was great to see Todd looking up at her smiling.  I have set my DVR to catch all episodes!

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