What’s Next Meth Machines?

I still can’t believe that “medical marijuana” passed here in Arizona in the last voting results.  More proof that too many damn Californians have moved to my state to ruin it.  It’s bad enough their libby ways have ruined and bankrupted their own state, now they have all fled the problems they created to move to my beautiful state to destroy it too. 
They have brought in, higher housing rates and real estate boom – which of course later crashed so hard it made AZ one of the hardest hit states in that department.  They have brought in more traffic which has made it not only more crowded and polluted but they carried with them their crappy driving skills of no turn signals, tail gating and whipping in and out of traffic like crazy.  And they brought in their votes.  Ugh.
Medical Marijuana.  Who the hell first started this fake baloney anyway??  What a croc.  Seriously.  Oh you have a bad back?  Take some friggin ibuprophin!  I get that some people out there have things like cancer but I’m sorry, there are tons and tons and tons of LEGAL, and VERY strong drugs that ease that pain.  This whole thing started with some hippie bs to try and legalize their drug of choice and hiding behind the word “medical.”
Tonight watching my local news took the cake.  They now have VENDING machines for medical marijuana.  Yes, you read that right.  They were showing how it works and that you can choose your type of weed.  Choose what type?  Give me a break.  What’s next, medical meth machines?

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