Zombie Moisturizer

I ran out of my favorite face moisturizer and went to the CVS.  They only had one left on the shelf.  The next day when I was using it, I noticed the consistency was different.  Thicker.  Then later I noticed it sort of had a peeling effect on my face.  I thought, “Man I hate when they change formulas of products.  Good Lord.”
The next day same thing so I look at the packaging.  It’s a little different.  Hmmm…. I look for the expiration date.  Uh….. expires in January of 2006.  O_O  What the hell?  Why does the store have a moisturizer that freaking old on the shelf????  2006???  Really???  It was either a package that got lost in the depths of the shelf or in the back and went undiscovered these years, until recently so someone put it on the shelf not thinking how old it was.  Either that or someone returned an old ass unused bottle of it, pulling a fast one.  Either way, ick.
Of course I took it back and exchanged it.  The guy was like “wow” when I showed him.  When I pulled a new one off the shelf I made sure to open the packaging and check the date.  2012.  Used it this morning and it was the way it was suppose to be.  Thank goodness.  Women’s products are expensive too!  I’ll be checking everything from now on. 

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