The Missing Medicine

Went to CVS last night to get some Excedrin because I ran out and I had a headache.  Of course I picked up a few other items. 
When I got home my headache was starting to go away on it’s own but then it never fully went away.  So I decided to bust open the Excedrin a few hours later.  But I couldn’t find it.  I searched the bags, my purse, my car and na-da.  I checked the receipt and she rang it up.  Grrrrr…  I called the store and the manager just said to come back in and he’d take care of it.  I was too lazy to go back out.
So I went this morning and the manager on duty wanted to check the video tape.  When she finally came back out she said it was hard to see it on camera but the cashier dropped my bag of stuff on the floor (I remember this too) and the Excedrin rolled under the lip of the counter on the floor.  She said one of the other cashiers had found it this morning and put it back on the shelf.
So mystery solved.  Glad to know I wasn’t losing my mind or that I had lost it in the parking lot or something.  Why I’m blogging about something like this I have no idea!

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