Is There Any Sign YET?

Has this or will this economy get any better yet?????  It’s been forever and all I continue to see is the price of gas sky rocket, other costs go up and the housing values continue to go down.  Are there any frigid jobs yet?  I have seriously had enough, I’m so over it.  For me and some of my friends it has seemed twice as long and twice as grueling since we were directly effected by it.  Done. Done.  Done!

In The Words of Chris Rock….

You are SUPPOSE to do the right thing!  What do you want?  A cookie?
I swear some men have some frigging nerve.  I love how men I have met on dating sites, talk to on the phone or gone on dates with treat me the way they do and then come crawling back days, weeks or even months later EXPECTING me to fall over, thank my lucky stars that they are contacting me again and then SURPRISED when I tell them get lost and that I don’t tolerate being treated as 2nd best.  They are actually flabbergasted. 
Then what’s worse to me is how they will admit their mistakes and expect all this recognition for admitting it.  They actually act stunned I’m not all impressed and forgiving.  Like they deserve a trophy for “admitting” they fucked up.  “But… but…. I’m admitting to you I fucked up!”  Yeah so?  That should be rewarded?  I should fall at your feet?  How about doing the right thing in the first place assclowns.  Then to top it off, they try and turn it all around on me like I’M the heartless bad guy.  How about instead of dwelling (which they do big time) on the fact you aren’t getting a cookie for your honesty of fucking up, you try now proving your ass worthy from this point forward.

The Best Free Deal Ever!

So I do pay for Dish TV – it’s one of the few things I pay extra for in life along with makeup, nails and Internet.  I do have the basic package with HBO.  Well this weekend I noticed that I have one Encore channel and a bunch of Starz channels.  Now lately they have been randomly doing that with movie channels as free promotions I’m guessing.  They don’t advertise it and they disappear after a few weeks. 
Well one of the Starz channels caught my eye on the TV Guide.  It said Free Starz for a year!  Yes kiddies a year.  I think it was to celebrate their anniversary and how long they have been around or something.  A few weeks back I was getting all the Encore channels for a free preview and to be honest I wish they would have given me that package instead of all the Starz ones with only one Encore channel.  The Encore channels played better movies including a lot of stuff from the 80’s.
But hey, I can’t complain!  Free movie channels for a year, you really can’t beat that.  Clever little buggers at Dish.  They know you’ll get good and used to those channels after a year and when they suddenly go away, people will want to purchase them back.  Not everyone of course but I’m sure quite a few will.

Tap, Tap… Is This Thing On?

So my girl Barbi is telling me to basically get off my ass and blog some more.  That the mushy Rambo posts are too much to bare.  LOL She’s right, I’ve been a lazy blogger.  Even with a new look on the blog, which is fabulous I might add, I am still lazy.  Been tweeting here and there but lazy on that too!  I guess I need a cell phone so I can tweet more.  ha!  I’ll probably get one, one of these days.
I decided to make this blog public again and so I made it searchable in search engines again.  That may bring some new readers.  I miss getting the random comments from people who stumble upon my little world in bloggdom.  In case some of you didn’t know, I also have a Beauty/Makeup blog and also a Beauty/Makeup channel on Youtube.  So feel free to check those out and subscribe to my channel.  Yay for girly shit!
Not too much going on with me.  Still single and fabulous.  Still need to lose weight.  Still working (thank goodness).  Still looking for a better job that pays more though.  The salary I’m making now is what I made in 96 so yeah…. not really covering all my living expenses.  It is… but… I’m constantly broke and having to watch my money.  If something were to break down, I wouldn’t have the money.  The only thing I really can afford extra is my nails and makeup and quite frankly, I need to chill on that.  Buying too much makeup these days.
Haven’t done much of anything to tell you the truth.  Been living a pretty boring life these days.  This is why I haven’t blogged too much.  But.. boring is better than bad right?