The Best Free Deal Ever!

So I do pay for Dish TV – it’s one of the few things I pay extra for in life along with makeup, nails and Internet.  I do have the basic package with HBO.  Well this weekend I noticed that I have one Encore channel and a bunch of Starz channels.  Now lately they have been randomly doing that with movie channels as free promotions I’m guessing.  They don’t advertise it and they disappear after a few weeks. 
Well one of the Starz channels caught my eye on the TV Guide.  It said Free Starz for a year!  Yes kiddies a year.  I think it was to celebrate their anniversary and how long they have been around or something.  A few weeks back I was getting all the Encore channels for a free preview and to be honest I wish they would have given me that package instead of all the Starz ones with only one Encore channel.  The Encore channels played better movies including a lot of stuff from the 80’s.
But hey, I can’t complain!  Free movie channels for a year, you really can’t beat that.  Clever little buggers at Dish.  They know you’ll get good and used to those channels after a year and when they suddenly go away, people will want to purchase them back.  Not everyone of course but I’m sure quite a few will.

One Response to “The Best Free Deal Ever!”

  1. cindy Says:

    We were with dish for about 12 years – first ones on our block to get them. They NEVER did anything special for us. So I checked ot directv and found out we could get similar channel pkg with the DVR. Apparently dish had the DVR but we were NEVER offered anything nor even told about it. And we locked in this special savings for one year and even the reguler price is almost $15 cheaper per month. then starting in november we started getting some other premium channels for free and directv said they did it as a thank you for us being customers – we’ve been with just about 2 yrs now…

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