Is There Any Sign YET?

Has this or will this economy get any better yet?????  It’s been forever and all I continue to see is the price of gas sky rocket, other costs go up and the housing values continue to go down.  Are there any frigid jobs yet?  I have seriously had enough, I’m so over it.  For me and some of my friends it has seemed twice as long and twice as grueling since we were directly effected by it.  Done. Done.  Done!

2 Responses to “Is There Any Sign YET?”

  1. cindy Says:

    And my brother is still out of work but our lovely elected ones think the rights of illegals is more important than taking care of our own. We can no longer take care of the world. If we stop giving aid to everyone we doesn’t support us not give the illegals tax refunds or their kids free breakfasts lunches that they just throw away we’d have plenty to take care of US.

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    That really stinks about your brother girl. I really do feel his pain on that. I hate this economy. All I see is inflation on everything too now. Everything has gone up in cost. I’m sick of it.

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