Wah, I Don’t Wanna Go

My boss has not only scheduled me in back to back training classes for the next month or two but I have to go to Santa Rosa, CA for two full weeks.  I have to spend my entire Sunday traveling there.  Would it be terribly bad if I said I hate that and don’t want to go? 


Welp, I’m Finally Going to be One of Those Douche Bags I Loathe

A cell phone owner/user.  Hahahaha  Yes, it’s 2011 and I have my first personal cell phone.  I had one once for about a year that the company I worked for at the time supplied me.  I didn’t use it too much and I really don’t count that.  Back then texting, photos and internet on phones were barely scratching the surface.  Now cell phones seem to do everything.
I have this puppy….

Like Father Like Daughter

I tend to repeat myself a lot.  I tell the same stories or opinions over and over.  I take after my dad.  He has said the same things over and over so I know all of his stories and rants by heart. 
Tonight I was giving Rambo the low down on that housing bubble and why it’s so fucked up.  He said, “You seem to like to remind of this often.  What are you trying to do?  Indoctrinate me?”
Yup.  hahahaha
I can’t help it.  I just tend to repeat my stories and opinions.  I’m sure I drive my friends and co-workers nuts.

They Held On…

So I went to the grocery store tonight and noticed that the Blockbuster on the corner has a big banner hanging up saying that location will be closing.  I wondered for a long, long time now how they have managed to hang on for so long.  I should have gone in there now that I think about it to see what the prices were on things they are getting rid of.  Hmm..
I keep wondering when K-mart will start closing it’s doors as well.  That would be a shame though because I do like K-mart.  I actually went in there not too long ago and I must say the prices and the clothes they had were really decent.  I bought a really pretty purple sweater and when I wore it to work I got a lot of compliments on it.  Their clothes are MUCH better than some of these other places.  I hate that America feels that they all need to shop at douche ass Wal-Mart.  I know it’s a matter of time when K-mart shuts down because they just don’t have the traffic like Wally world.  Total shame too.  Their prices and merchandise are just as good.  They STILL have layaway.  And because they are a part of Sears, they have appliances now – all the Kenmore brand too which is a really decent brand.