Welp, I’m Finally Going to be One of Those Douche Bags I Loathe

A cell phone owner/user.  Hahahaha  Yes, it’s 2011 and I have my first personal cell phone.  I had one once for about a year that the company I worked for at the time supplied me.  I didn’t use it too much and I really don’t count that.  Back then texting, photos and internet on phones were barely scratching the surface.  Now cell phones seem to do everything.
I have this puppy….
Sprint LG Rumor Touch Phone… in purple.
I have no idea how to use cell phones.  I’ll have to read the 800 page book.  Oh but I’m sure I’ll catch on pretty quick with the easy breezy touch screen menu.  I’m already wanting a cute cover for it like a blingy zebra pattern like this.  I kinda like the purple one too.
So the big question is, “Tell us Martini Girl… why did you finally break down and get a cell phone?”  The answer my friends is that I have a man who loves me.  Rambo got me added to his plan and got me the phone.  I got it in the mail a few days ago.  It was already set up for me complete with Rambo’s number already programmed in and a text with a picture attached of him greeting me. 
Some weeks ago he had told me, “I really want to be able to call and reach you whenever I want and not have to wait for you to get home and get my messages.  Not only that, it is going to make your life a little easier.”
How sweet is this?  I mean… I’m pretty touched by this.  I really, really am.  I’m super touched.
So now the task is finding the perfect ring tone to attach to his number when he calls me.  Hmmm… well there is that song from the movie Rambo “It’s a Long Road” which I’m sure he’d get a kick out of but the song doesn’t seem to fit for a ring tone in my opinion.  The Army theme song, The Army Goes Rolling Along?  He’d probably hate that but I have to say that would be catchy for my ring tone for him.  heh heh.  Love Machine by Wham?  What’s New Pussycat by Tom Jones?  hahahaha  Any suggestions?  
Hell… I have no idea how even find or load ringtones to a phone.
Yes, I still loathe cell phones and the people who use them.  Of course I’ll find it very convenient.  But you won’t see me texting 24/7 like the rest of you.  You won’t see me talking on it while driving or when I’m actually in the middle of something like many of you. 
Thank you baby.  I’m lucky to have such a sweet guy who cares about me so much.

2 Responses to “Welp, I’m Finally Going to be One of Those Douche Bags I Loathe”

  1. cindy Says:

    I was wondering when I read the santa rosa post first how you were going to stay in touch bewing on the road…cool!

    Even tho I’ve had a cell for about 6 years I don’t talk or text as much as most. Certainly not whilst driving and I seriously do not have that much to say to anyone that can’t wait until I’m home. Good grief what to do have to talk about so much and for so long?!

    I love having the web at my fingertips. I can check your blog even tho blogs are verboten at work…

  2. Tracy Says:

    LOVE your new phone – I happen to have that EXACT same one (including having it in purple)! I got mine a little over a year ago because it was described as being a “smart phone wannabe,” which was perfect for me because I didn’t want to delve into the whole super-phone-that-turns-people-into-jerks. And frankly, it was a model that I could afford with the features that I wanted. I am not paying for landline phone service any longer, so a cell phone is a must for me — I also have an affordable plan that does not include unlimited anytime minutes so you will certainly NOT find me gabbing constantly on my cell. I hope you enjoy your Rumor – taking some time to read the manual to understand what the phone can do will benefit you greatly!

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