The Friendly Skies… Bleh

I got back Friday night from a two week stay in Santa Rosa, CA business trip.  I find that the older I get the more I really loathe air travel.  It used to be fun when I was young.  But then again, back then flying was a very different experience.
Think about it… in the late 70’s and early 80’s hardly anyone flew.  Seriously.  The only people who flew were business men, military personnel and their families and the rich.  The airplanes were hardly full (unless you went on an international flight.)
Going through security was a total breeze.  Things always got through the machines in your bags and purses.  You didn’t have to take everything under the sun off of your body or out of your bags.  You got to keep your coats, sweaters, hats and shoes on.  You didn’t have to take out lap tops (but then, we didn’t have them back then), you didn’t have to get rid of tweezers and other items or pull shit out in plastic bags and that last one irks me to no end.  Now we even have the “size” limits on toiletries which irks me even more.  Today going through security takes 5 times longer and yet only ticketed travelers get to go through.  Back in the day, loved ones could go to the gates with you or wait for you there.
Because more and more people travel today the airports are bigger.  In fact some of them are gigantic.  This means tons and tons of walking with all of your crap.  Gone are the days of being able to sprint to your gate if you were late.    Gone are the days of just a few baggage carousels.  Some of these airports feel miles long and more and more complicated.  Some have moving sidewalks, some have trams you have to jump on.  Some of the terminals are in a completely different building and so if you are changing airlines in the middle of your trip it’s a frigging hassle.  And if you want to go to some of the major shopping or eating areas if you have a long delay you have to think twice if it’s worth it to go through security again.
Let’s also mention how now these bastard airlines charge you for checked baggage.  Except for Southwest.  Dear Southwest, you rock.  This of course causes everyone to now carry on their bags making it take even longer in security, longer to get passengers seated and less room in the overheads.  *sigh*
Airlines haven’t really changed much at all since the 70’s and that sucks.  I mean by small ass seats, bathrooms, isles and the planes aren’t any faster.  You would think in 2011 we would have super sonic speed planes by now. 
They also have done away with the complimentary meals on the long flights.  Now you have to purchase them.  How long before those free sodas and peanuts will no longer be free?  I’m betting soon that the only thing that will be free is water.
Yeah I know we need the security blah, blah, blah but I’m over it.  I really just don’t like air travel anymore at all.  It’s exhausting and a royal pain in the ass.  I’d rather drive.  Even if it takes me a day to get there.

One Response to “The Friendly Skies… Bleh”

  1. cindy Says:

    I used to have to travel about 1X per month. Not my current job…but I don’t believe I’d want to have a job where I HAD to travel with any great frequency. Maybe they’d let you road trip it?

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